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In Balance: 4 Ways the Elderly Can Balance Their Hormones

A hormonal imbalance can have a major impact on a senior’s health and quality of life. These imbalances often lead to issues such as depression, mood swings, insomnia, general lethargy, high blood pressure, and memory loss. While the side effects can be overwhelming, many seniors are able to quickly take care of their hormonal imbalances with a few lifestyle changes and some help from medical professionals. Eat More Healthy Fats Contrary to what many people believe, fat and fatty acids are extremely important to our overall health. Health complications tend to occur when humans consume too much saturated fat. Unsaturated ... Read more

4 Types of Nurses for Contemporary Healthcare

Gone are the days of white nursing caps and aprons. Today’s nurses are at the cutting edge of modern healthcare practices. There are different types of nurses for every medical specialty. 1. Home Health Care Nurse Advances in modern medicine have made a 24 hour or less hospital stay a common occurrence. Just because a patient doesn’t need around-the-clock hospital care doesn’t mean they can be at home without some assistance. Home health care nurses work through an agency and travel to a patient’s home to ensure they are healing properly and have the necessary care they need. 2. Nurse ... Read more

Relaxation Station: 5 Benefits to Having a Home Hot Tub

Have you ever thought about having a hot tub installed in your home? Maybe you think that it’s a luxury intended for people who make more money than you. Perhaps you aren’t aware of how having a home hot tub provides quite a few advantages. Here are five examples of what owning a hot tub can do for you and your family. Improving Your Physical Condition Did you ever think about how having your own hot tub could make exercising more fun? Think of all the stretching and bending that you can do in the water. The temperature is great ... Read more

Eye Exams: What Can They Reveal About Your Health?

Your annual eye exams are about much more than testing your vision or getting fitted for new glasses. During these appointments, your eye doctor might actually be able to catch a wide variety of serious health complications in their earliest stages. Here is a look at just a handful of dangerous medical conditions that can affect your eyes. High Cholesterol Our eyes actually contain quite a bit of blood for their size, and that is why many conditions that affect the blood stream are often noticed in the eyes. The same plaque that clings to the inside of an individual’s ... Read more

Lab Work: 4 Pieces of Technology that Help Keep You Healthy

There have been vast advances in health care technology made in the last three or four decades. These advances have been introduced in doctors’ offices, medical laboratories and hospitals where they have a direct impact on you, the patient. Access to Latest Research and Information Advances in information technology (IT) have increased the speed and accuracy of communications and logistics for medical professionals. Gone are the days of doctors relying on heavy medical volumes and monthly journals to get answers to your medical questions. Doctors now utilize the same type of personal computer that you have in your home to ... Read more

4 Ways Nurses Can Learn More about Their Profession

Being a nurse is one of the toughest but rewarding careers out there. A good nurse is so much more than just the person who takes your vitals; they comfort you by answering any questions; they check in and ensure you’re always feeling as best as you possibly can in any situation; they support and encourage your recovery and lifelong wellness. But a nurse’s job isn’t done when their shift ends. The medical field is constantly evolving. From new understandings of disease and the body to new technology being introduced into the workplace, a nurse should always have an open ... Read more

5 Career Choices for the Health-Conscious Individual

Health and fitness are some of the most important components to living a happy life. While the average person spends the majority of their week at work, why not choose a career that is healthy and happy too? Here are five healthy career options that will contribute to your well-being. Personal Trainer Personal trainers are hired to motivate and assist their clients in reaching health goals. This can include weight loss, toning, or nutrition. Not only is it beneficial to stay physically active with the trainee; it is also emotionally rewarding to help others reach their potential. If you love ... Read more

4 Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy in Your Later Years

As you age, it is especially important to maintain good health so that you will be better off when you reach your golden years. Whether you have already reached a mature age or are searching for ways to prepare yourself for when you get older, it is never too late to start looking after your health. Here are four great ways to keep yourself healthy in your later years. Choose Low-Impact Exercises You already know the importance of exercising regularly, but you should also be choosing exercises that do not put a lot of extra strain on your bones and ... Read more

Corrective Eye Surgery: 4 Vision Problems LASIK Can Fix

LASIK has become the ultimate fix for visual problems, and many dream that LASIK will correct any vision problem that they may have. However, LASIK cannot correct eye diseases like glaucoma or macular degeneration. It will not correct presbyopia, which is a stiffening of the eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects, making small print blurry and requiring reading glasses. Presbyopia happens to everyone with age. Instead, LASIK corrects refractive visual problems. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of whether or not LASIK will work for your particular vision problem. What is a refractive visual problem? ... Read more

At What Point Does Medical Imaging Radiation Become Dangerous?

Technically, no amount of radiation is safe. However, there is no reason to panic. You are exposed to what is called background radiation every day. Radon gas is a form of radiation. It exists outdoors in low concentrations. The concern is when the gas gets concentrated inside your home in basements and in crawlspaces. Radon is second to smoking as a cause for lung cancer. You get more radiation living at higher elevations and when flying. In fact, if you fly from coast to coast, about seven hours, you get exposed to about 0.02 mSv (millisieverts) of radiation. A chest ... Read more

Mastering the Mind: 5 Great Mental Exercises

In order to be a more effective person and to achieve your goals more efficiently, it is critical that you keep your mind sharp by exercising your brain. Staying mentally engaged can also help to ward off the deleterious effects of old age. Check out these various brain exercises to keep your perception clear. Reading & Audiobooks One of the best things you can do is to turn off the television and to begin reading. While reading, you are forced to tap into your source of creative imagination and mental focus in order to comprehend the writings of the author. ... Read more

Troubled Teens: How to Get Your Children the Mental Health Aid They Need

While everyone goes through major changes in their teenage years, there may come a point when your child needs professional help. Issues such as chronic anxiety and depression will negatively impact their quality of life, relationships, and physical health. Here are some steps you can take to catch the signs of a mental health disorder early and find your child the proper treatments. Identifying the Warning Signs Unfortunately, many of the side effects of mental health disorders can be attributed to a teenager’s changing hormones, and that makes it difficult to identify these issues. As a general rule, parents should ... Read more