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Lingering Neck Pain: 4 Signs You Have Whiplash

‘Whiplash’ is one of those generic diagnoses that people often say happens after a car wreck. But what is whiplash, and is it serious? Whiplash Injury Whiplash happens when an impact or blow causes the head to be thrown backwards with force. The force can be so great as to tear muscles and tendons in the neck. The resulting pain in the neck is hard to overlook. There is a certain school of thought promoted by orthopedists that whiplash is similar to a sprained ankle and no more serious. Sometimes, that may be true, but even a sprained ankle can ... Read more

Pumping Up: 7 Healthy Tips for Body Building

If you want your body to look amazing, then body building is one of the best ways you can achieve a killer bod. If you want to maximize your results, then you need to look for healthy ways to speed up your results. To help you out, here are seven of the best healthy tips for body building. 1. Get Enough Sleep If you do not sleep enough, then your body will not be able to recover and grow the muscle you want. You need to get a minimum of seven hours of quality sleep every night to boost your ... Read more

Senior Health: How to Ensure You Remain Independent into Your Golden Years

Many senior citizens want to live at home as long as they possibly can. If they are in their right mind, then it’s easier to let them keep their independence while being in a familiar environment instead of them living in an assisted living facility or a nursing home. There are a few tips that you can follow to help the elderly loved one in your life remain comfortable into their golden years. Cell Phones There are cell phones that have larger buttons that are easy for seniors to see. You can program important numbers into the phone before showing ... Read more

How Reparative Surgery Can Change the Lives of Children with Cleft Palates

About 7,000 children a year in the United States are born with orofacial clefts, or cleft palate. These defects are usually corrected immediately, and the child’s appearance is like that of other children. Proper follow-up ensures that the child is able to take nourishment and the facial structure develops correctly, allowing for proper breathing, hearing and speech. Cleft Palate and Health Conditions If untreated, cleft palate can lead to chronic health conditions. Children with untreated cleft palate are sometimes partially deaf and cannot speak clearly. Teeth come in at random, instead of in rows supported by a normal dental ridge. ... Read more

The Five Best Essential Oils to Take Daily

It seems that many people nowadays are utilizing essential oils to provide relief to a variety of factors. But what are essential oils exactly? Essential oils are derived from plant matter through a distillation process. After distillation, the oils typically retain the aroma of the plant they are derived from, and they are also a more concentrated form of the plant’s healing properties. Essential oils are often associated with aromatherapy where the oils are put into a diffuser to spread the particular oils aroma into the home environment for mood elevation, but they can also be used in other ways ... Read more

Counterfeit Drugs: How to Make Sure You are Getting the Proper Pharmaceuticals

With profits in the pharmaceutical industry ranging in the billions of dollars, there’s a lot of money to be made in drug counterfeiting. Far from being a victimless crime, counterfeit drugs leave a lot of consumers in danger as they take medication that either contains no active ingredients, different ingredients, or dangerous substances. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help protect yourself. Match medication to its description All prescription pill bottles in the U.S. have a short description of the medication they contain. This is usually identifiers like shape, color, and any letter or numerical markings that appear on ... Read more

4 Reasons Why Disease Prevention is More Important Than Treatments

New infectious diseases keep appearing, while known dangers like Ebola and even bubonic plague have never really gone away. Disease kills thousands of people and costs billions of dollars every year, especially in developing countries. Here are four good reasons why we should pursue a course of prevention rather than treatment. 1. Control The CDC is constantly exposing new threats. Each one must be dealt with to prevent the spread of infection, including tracing the transmission of the disease, identifying symptoms, informing the public, and supplying healthcare facilities with medications to treat the public. This becomes increasingly more difficult as ... Read more

Missing Tooth? 4 Great Options for Tooth Replacement

It’s important that missing teeth be replaced as soon as possible. Delays can limit your options and make treatment more difficult. Putting it off too long can lead to other teeth shifting into the empty space and creating even more problems. Modern dentistry provides several different options you can consider for tooth replacement. 1. Dentures Dentures are removable false teeth that are fairly easy for today’s dentists to fabricate. Partial dentures can be made for tooth replacement. They are held in place by a metal or plastic framework designed to fit over adjoining teeth. However, these must be removed for ... Read more

How You Can Help Your Community Live Healthier And Prevent Disease

If you have a strong desire to help others, you probably want to assist your community. While there are many problems that can plague a community, one of the most unsettling can be a health crisis. Fortunately, there are ways to help a community live healthier and prevent disease. Below are a few ways you can take a leadership role in doing so. Take Advantage of Federal Government Programs Thankfully for those worried about community health, there are government programs in place that can help. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, operates a number of different programs ... Read more

Children’s Health: How Parents Can Help Their Children With Asthma

If you have ever choked on food or otherwise had trouble breathing, you it is scary. For people who have asthma, this is a common problem due to their chronically inflamed airways. Their airways are susceptible to narrowing, which creates resistance for airflow throughout the lungs. This may lead to coughing, chest tightness, wheezing, and shortness of breath. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, asthma is now the most common chronic disease in children. This may be due to changes in environmental pollutants, dietary habits, an increase in obesity, and changes in indoor lifestyles. Certain triggers ... Read more

Oral Hygiene: How Implants Can Improve your Dental Health

A dental implant is a post made of titanium that serves as an artificial tooth root. It’s positioned in your jaw by your oral surgeon for purposes of holding an anchor to which a dental crown or bridge will be attached. Titanium is used because it’s strong, fuses to bone well, and the body doesn’t reject it. Once the procedure is completed, dental implants should significantly improve your dental and physical health. Dental implants protect healthy bone When you’ve lost a tooth, you can lose 25 percent of the bone surrounding it. That’s because the jawbone loses its firmness when ... Read more

5 Healthy Benefits to Having a Spa Day

Good self-care is what helps keep you functioning at your best, and there’s no better way to practice it than with a spa day. If it feels a little indulgent, worry not– there are five key benefits that you can enjoy from taking some time for yourself. Stress reduction Chronic stress is linked to chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and even cancer. Good stress management involves taking time to relax, and a spa day can be an important tool in any anti-stress arsenal. Learning good coping techniques does more than keep you happy and relaxed– ... Read more