Author: Charlie Brown

Healing drug abuse – Symptoms, causes and an apt rehab treatment

Drug abuse has increased in the recent times. Simply put, drug abuse denotes the habitual and excessive use of substances like cocaine, alcohol or marijuana.

Staying fit or getting a beach body – Fitness equipment that will work wonders

Fitness has walked into our daily lives today! No one wants to be overweight. Instead, most people today want to shed that excess fat and get into a body-shape that they longed for years.

Are you using organic and pure CBD Oil – How to find out?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a potent natural compound that comes from marijuana. Canada has finally decriminalized the possession and use of medical marijuana.

Tips to handle debts from health-related expenses

When it comes to managing our finance on a daily basis, there is a number of things to be taken care of.

Rejuvenation Dentistry – Don’t just treat but heal your dental issues completely

Dental health is of paramount importance. People today don’t just want clean teeth, but a perfect smile.

Emergency Dental Services- Various Tips, Role, Need and Advantages

People in today's world often face a shortage of time. Each morning they wake up early, brush their teeth, go for a bath, eat breakfast and run to the office.

6 Essential Benefits Of Professional Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the widely practiced and well-known types of therapeutic massage.

How to Choose the Best Optometrist? Know the Top 8 Secrets

Choosing a doctor when it comes to your precious eyes is something that you cannot take for granted.

An In-depth Analysis on Cosmetic Dentistry- Different Types and Benefits

If you wish to improve your smile, what will be the best choice? Well, it is none other than cosmetic dentistry.

4 Shocking Reasons Why You Need Regular Dental Checkups

The teeth are an integral part of your mouth. They make it possible to chew food as well as smile. You need to be able to smile often.

Preventing and Treating Marionette Lines- What are the options?

Marionette lines are commonly known as laugh lines but they are not really anything to laugh about. These lines are folds or creases that vertically run downwards from the mouth’s corners to the chin.

Top 6 Healthy Fats That Help in Weight Loss

Most people assume that eating fats will result in increased weight. However, this will depend on the type of fats that you consume. This is because not all fats are the same, and some fats are crucial for our survival. Eating unhealthy fats such as trans-fats and saturated fats will pack the pounds. Conversely, monosaturated fatty acids or MUFAS will help to nourish the body and lose weight. Read on find out a few healthy fat options that can help you in your weight loss journey. 1. Seeds Seeds are small in size and are usually overlooked as a valuable ... Read more