Author: Emma Sturgis

Emma is a freelance writer based in Boston, MA. She writes most often on health and education. When not writing, she enjoys reading and rock climbing. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2

Men’s Health: 5 Wellness Tips for Aging Men

. If you’re past the age of 40, there are additional precautions that you should be taking to maintain good health. These five useful wellness tips can help you as you age.

Need the Perfect Pair of Glasses? How to Find the Best Eye Care for You

Below are some tips to help you find the best eye care for you.

Through the Looking Glass: 4 Blinding Signs You Need an Updated Eyeglasses Prescription

You should always be aware of what life looks like through your glasses and take that into account when you’re considering your prescription.

Dental Problems: 5 Reasons You May Need Gum Surgery

To avoid losing any teeth, here are five reasons that you might need gum surgery.

How to Take Control of Your Health, One Step at a Time

A healthy lifestyle can change your life and help you feel better in your day to day life.

3 Important Risks to Remember When Summer Temperatures Soar

In many areas, scorching temperatures are common for at least a few weeks annually. Some areas even experience temperatures that soar over 100 degrees for much longer periods regularly. This intense heat is uncomfortable, and it can be dangerous in many ways. Keeping your home’s AC system properly maintained and scheduling AC repair services as soon as an issue develops are essential steps to take to avoid unnecessary heat-related health issues when you are indoors. These are some of the more common dangers associated with exposure to intense heat that could impact you. Overheating When you are exposed to high ... Read more

Red and Itchy Skin: How to Take Care of Your Eczema

While there is no cure for the itchiness and pain that comes with eczema, there are ways to make it more manageable. Here are four tips on how to take care of your eczema.

Unplugged: 3 Ways Wireless Technology Could Save Your Life

There is no doubt that tech that doesn’t have to be tethered to a cable or cord is more convenient. Wireless tech not only allows you to use the tech without getting tangled up in cables and cords, but it also allows you to take it where you want it without having to worry about outlets or plugs. What you may not be aware of, however, is that certain advancements in wireless tech can also save your life. Here are 3 advancements in wireless technology that could actually save your life. Wearable Safety Tech There are all kinds of new ... Read more

Need a Root Canal? What You Can Expect After the Procedure and for Recovery

Here are a few things that you can expect to experience after your root canal procedure.

3 Technologies that Make Pregnancy Safer and Easier

There has never been a time when it has been safer or easier to weather the many storms of pregnancy. From an ever-growing and changing understanding of the physical and emotional needs or expectant mothers to machines that help doctors better monitor a child’s health while still in the womb, technology is helping to create a better, safer world for expectant mothers. Here are 3 technologies that are helping to make pregnancy safer and easier.   Home Tests Home pregnancy tests have been a basic staple for years, helping women determine pregnancy early on so they can get the prenatal ... Read more

Living with Kidney Disease? How Modern Technology Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Kidney disease can be a tricky disease to live with on a daily basis. While kidney failure is dangerous, it does come in stages. These stages relate to varying degrees of how dysfunctional the kidneys have become, but many people have shown an amazing ability to adapt and live productive lives even with kidney failure.   Causes of Kidney Disease There are two primary causes of kidney disease. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two most common reasons why people head down a road towards kidney failure. Over use of medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen have also been known ... Read more

3 Guidelines to Follow When Seeking Medical Treatment After a Workers’ Comp Claim

When you are hurt in a workplace accident or injury, you could have the right to compensation and benefits that cover your medical bills and provide support for your time away from the workplace. Because the workers’ comp claims process can be confusing and unclear, it is important to take actions to protect the viability of your claim. Here are some guidelines that can help you when seeking medical advice. Always Report Your Accident or Injury When you’ve been injured in the workplace, it is critical that you provide timely notice to your supervisor and your employer of the injury. ... Read more