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4 Diseases Kids Pick Up At School To Look Out For

School is great for kids in so many ways, and an essential part of their learning and development. At school kids can play, learn, meet friends and explore the world – but unfortunately it’s also a place where germs, disease and bugs get passed around very easily. Children are all about playing with hands on contact, and this can make the spreading of certain diseases and conditions easier. It’s important to be aware of these health conditions and address them as soon as possible, before the issue gets out of hand. Here we list 4 childhood illnesses your child could ... Read more

3 Must Have Beauty Alternatives for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you know how much of a pain (literally) it is to make your way through the minefield of conventional beauty products. ‘Will my skin react to this? Is that product too drying?’…you may have spent hours poring over the beauty products on the pharmacy shelves wondering which solution will work and which will turn you into the human equivalent of a volcanic eruption. Here we’ve collected a guide to 3 beauty alternatives and approaches that are more natural, kind and gentle to sensitive skin, so you can have beautiful, soft, smooth skin with none of ... Read more

The Best Ways To Save Money When Buying New Eye Glasses

For those of us who require glasses or contact lenses to see, we know how important these tools are for our daily life. The difficulty with dealing with glasses is hoe expensive they can be when we need to replace them. After going through eye testing, an optometrist appointment and buying a new pair of glasses, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on the whole process, leaving a big dent in your hip pocket. However, looking for cheaper options brings up the concern of whether the quality will be maintained on this essential item. Here we look at ... Read more

Feel Tired All The Time? This Could Be Why

Feeling tired, fatigued and exhausted is something that affects all of us sometimes, but for some of us, this fatigue never seems to leave us. Over time this ongoing fatigue can wear us down, reducing our performance at work, taking the fun out of family time, and just making everyday life a struggle. In this article we take a closer look at the possible causes behind ongoing fatigue and what you can do about it. It Isn’t Normal Fatigue may be common, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to live with it. ... Read more

Rejuvenate Dry Damaged Hair With These 5 Essential Tips

We all want healthy, shiny, smooth hair, but sometimes we end up with hair that’s dry, damaged and lackluster. Unfortunately, those of us who would love long locks and are trying to grow our hair longer are the ones with the most damaged and worn out hair. While we may wish to avoid the hair dresser, or do our own ‘do’s’ at home with heating irons and hair dryers, this can cause damage and breakage in hair in the long term. Bring new life to your hair and glow with freshness with these tips to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. ... Read more

7 Favourite Anti-Aging Treatments That Achieve Real Results

When it comes to getting older, everyone wants to age with grace, but we don’t necessarily want to look our age. Some of us have worked out or learned about our favourite skin care and anti-aging treatments over the years that we swear by and here we share some of those favourite and time-proven anti-aging treatments from real people like you, for more beautiful and younger looking skin. Anti-Aging Cream When it comes to anti-aging products, we really can’t look past anti-aging creams when it comes to anti-aging treatments that are the favourite amongst most women and men who are ... Read more

How Yoga Can Change Your Life

Yoga is a continuous process of body fitness. I have observed that most people start yoga with excitement but most of them give up just after experiencing a little body pain. When you start yoga for the first time, you will experience some discomfort and pain at first. If you give up when this occurs, you will never gain fitness results. Yogic science is based on healing of your mental and physical being. You can heal from inside with the proper guidance of a qualified yoga teacher. From guidance you can learn how to deal with the pain. If you ... Read more

Is the Paleo Diet Right for You?

What Is the Paleo Diet? The idea of the paleo diet is to eat only the types of foods that our bodies were designed to eat naturally. It is based on the last 2.6 million years of evaluation. The paleo diet was popularized by Loren Cordain’s best-selling book titled “The Paleo Diet.” There are a lot of books available on market based on this diet. The authors suggest that the paleo diet is more closely aligned to our ancestors thousands of years ago. Our ancestors used hand tools made of stone, bone, and wood during the Paleolithic period, from 10,000 ... Read more

How to Treat High Cholesterol Naturally

  The texture and appearance of cholesterol is like a waxy substance. It is present in every cell of your body. There are two types of cholesterol: LDL – Low-Density Lipoprotein, which is the bad cholesterol. HDL – High-Density Lipoprotein, which is the good type of cholesterol Good cholesterol is necessary for the body to function properly. The HDL cholesterol helps to make necessary hormones and vitamin D for the metabolism process. On the other hand, the LDL cholesterol is responsible for several heart diseases. People who have high LDL cholesterol have double the risk of heart disease. The symptoms ... Read more

4 Inner and Outer Beauty Tips for Younger Eyes

They say eyes are the window to the soul. And there’s plenty of beauty in being an old soul. But most of us would prefer for our age not to show in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Skin care and anti-aging remedies that actually work are about so much more than injectables or surgery. Love your skin inside and out with these 4 expert tips for younger looking eyes, naturally. Take a closer look at your lifestyle. If your idea of winding down on the weekend involves spending hours in the sun with a cigarette and chardonnay in ... Read more

2 Great Healthy Ideas for Starting Your Day

What many of us don’t understand is: How should you start a healthy day? I have asked this question to several people. One of my friends said that he used to start day “rebounding” in the morning. This may be a new term to you, but I am not referring to a basketball term or dating breakup. I am talking about bouncing on a mini trampoline. Bouncing can be fun, but even more so if you realize its health benefits. Another friend of mine surprised me when she said warm lemon water wakes her up. Keep reading to find out ... Read more

5 Steps You Can Take to Reduce Stress Now

Image source: Stress is not always a bad thing. An appropriate amount of stress helps to drive us to meet our goals, pushes us to achieve more and stay alert during tasks that require our concentration. But with the fast pace and huge pressure of life these days, our stress levels can quickly become out of hand, and reach a level that’s detrimental to our health, work and quality of life. It’s important to learn to manage stress to keep it at an acceptable level no matter what you’re going through. Take a look at these 5 tips to ... Read more