Author: Nurse Susan

Nurse Susan has always been passionate about helping people heal. After she retired from a lifelong career as a nurse, that passion didn’t go away. She loves to use her expertise to write about the best ways to keep you and your family healthy, active, and happy.

How to Throw a Superfood Super Bowl Party

Throw a healthy Super Bowl Party with Super Food

Three Types of Exercise that People with Parkinson’s Disease Should Try

Approximately 10 million people all over the world are currently living with Parkinson’s Disease.  Out of all these people, many have trouble exercising regularly. Read more to find out how to easily exercise with Parkinson's.

Essential Tips for Seniors Fighting Anxiety

When it comes to aging, few things beat the freedom and independence retirement can bring. As rates of chronic illness go up for older adults, however, many find themselves with gripping anxiety or depression which they often keep from their physicians and primary doctors. Concerns over health, safety, and money lead to social isolation, sedentary lifestyles, and other risky factors that cyclically feed into poor health outcomes. If you or a senior you know are overwhelmed with life’s constant hurdles, keep these tips in mind: Address sources of anxiety Did you know that hearing loss can often be a major source of ... Read more