Author: Jayce Redford

Jayce is a freelance writer based in UK. He writes most often on health. He typically reads books and watches documentaries in his free time.

How to Spend Less on Quality Beauty Products

There’s no denying the fact that quality beauty products often come with expensive price tags. More often than not, people tend to accept this and continue to purchase the product regardless of the price.

Care Options for an Elderly Person Living with Dementia

Dementia is a degenerative disease affecting the elderly. It is characterised by memory loss, changes in mood, failure to follow instructions and inconsistencies when holding a conversation. It becomes worse over time.

A Look at the Real Benefits of Regular Checkups with Your Dentist

Most of us are understandably queasy and uneasy about the thought of visiting a dentist, and this is something that we can’t really help.

Everything You Need to Know about Ultrasound Scanning and Its Purpose

Although there are already a number of imaging technologies used in the medical world, some are more advanced than others, ultrasound imaging is still widely used and recommended today.

4 Quick & Safe Ways To Get Perfect Nails

Getting perfect nails is no easy task. And it can also be dangerous – if you expose your nails to risks then you could end up with a nail infection, brittle nails, or nails that grow weak and split. The best way to get perfect nails over the long term is to protect and look after your nails, while finding strategies that make your nails look good on a daily basis. Here are some safe ideas for beautiful-looking nails that last. Choose a Safe Nail Salon Unfortunately many nail salons are breeding grounds for germs and you could end up ... Read more

What are the Top Shakes for Weight Loss? Your Main Questions Answered

Losing weight is never easy – in fact, it can be a downright challenge. But if you are determined to lose weight, you do have certain options that can make it easier to attain your goal. Instead of just dieting and exercising, you can also benefit from specially-made products such as weight loss shakes. But there are so many weight loss shakes available nowadays that it can be difficult to choose the best one. So what are the top shakes for weight loss out there? Here, your main questions are answered. The benefits of weight loss shakes If you’re the ... Read more

How to Treat Stomach Flu: What You Need to Know

Stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and vomiting have to be the most distressing symptoms you can suffer. And when you experience stomach flu, you get all three. Stomach flu or viral gastroenteritis is a contagious infection that affects the intestinal area. It is caused by a virus – there are many different viruses that could cause this problem – and it usually occurs when you have contact with someone carrying the infection or when you eat food that has been contaminated. If you get stomach flu you will probably be told to rest and let it pass. But surely there must be ... Read more