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Kathy Mitchell was born and raised in the USA. She has done MA in English literature. She loves to write health, beauty and skin care reviews for the various website. Also, she is contributing to Consumer Health Digest since 2011.Her articles are both professional and creative.

Top 7 Music Ceremony Songs To Play On Wedding

Maybe you are the type of woman who has been planning her wedding ever since she was a little girl. Or perhaps, you do not give that much thought to weddings, but now that you will be walking down the aisle, you would want it to be as perfect as possible. We totally get that! Are you looking for perfect ideas? Well, you have come to the right place. One of the perfect wedding ideas that you can ever have is to choose the right song for your wedding ceremony and that is exactly what we will help you with. ... Read more

How to Brighten Your Complexion and Revitalize Dull Skin?

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Maintaining it requires one to get a goodnight sleep, exercise, eat right and avoid over exposure to the sun. While many practice this and other methods, their skin remains dull. Many experts say dull complexion are brought by factors like stress and genetics among others. You need not worry, below are best solutions for dull complexions. Start Exfoliating The skin cells change every 28 days when one is aged below 20 years. As they approach their 30’s, the change becomes slow and reduces as they approach their 40s and 50s. The ... Read more

Essential Skin Care Tips for Women Over 40

Skin care is important to prevent aging and promote healing, especially for women over 40. As a normal aging process, the body undergoes profound changes. The skin is not an exception. Due to this, getting a moisturizer for oily skin cannot be avoided. Understanding the basic changes that affects the skin is preliminary to providing essential skincare. For women, beauty at every age cannot be compromised. Therefore, it is important to find the right cosmetic application and skin care tips to allay the daunting task of caring for the skin at this age. Among the beauty tips for women that ... Read more

Try These 10 Ways to Relief Your Joint Pain and Stiffness!

With approximately 52 million adults in America being diagnosed with some arthritis, arthritis has earned its place among the most common diseases of the 21st century. Keeping this fact in mind, it is natural to want to prevent this disease from growing any further. And while the researchers do not seem to stop investigating the reasons behind the appearance of any arthritis in general as well as how to prevent it, it is up to our doctors and us to treat it as best as we can. For those of you out there, we dedicate this article to you to ... Read more

Why the World is Going Vegan Way

Being a vegan is surrounded by numerous myths and misconceptions. This depends on a person’s level of understanding and belief of who a vegan is. For some people, this could go beyond what a person eats to avoiding animal products, ingredients from animal products among other values. However, this is an individual choice steered by personal factors. Numerous paths lead to veganism. Nonetheless, there are some common reasons raised by vegans as to why they chose the path. The reasons are debunked below: Common reasons for veganism Health and nutrition This has been identified as the main influential factor that ... Read more

What Is The Best Age to Start Using Anti-Aging Treatments?

Women in their mid-twenties would sometimes experience seeing lines and spots on their face. And whether we admit or not, it is already a sign of aging. A person’s skin varies from one to another. There are some who look younger than they are while there are some who look older than they are. But with the help of various anti-aging products and treatments, this is not a difficult problem to address. You can easily choose which treatment to have in order to make yourself look young again. But with all the products and procedures claiming that they can reduce ... Read more

5 Marvelous Ways to Keep Your Mind Young and Sharp

Every person gets the infrequent “senior instant. Possibly you might have long gone into the cooking area and also cannot bear in mind exactly why, or perhaps cannot recollect any common identity in a dialogue. Memory space lapses can happen with virtually any age group, yet aging on your own is normally not just a result in of cognitive drop. Any time considerable memory space damage takes place between the elderly, it is typically not necessarily as a result of aging yet to be able to organic and natural issues, human brain injuries, or perhaps neurological disease. Scientific studies demonstrate ... Read more

Four Conditions that Rear an Ugly Head Before 30

Turning the page on your 20s marks a notable milestone for most of us. A clear career path is starting to take shape, financial stability is on the cusp if not already here, and maybe we’ve learned a valuable thing or two from a past relationship. Shifting into the next decade of life comes with plenty of pats on the back and attaboys/girls, but unexcepted changes lie in wait. From pesky crow’s feet to a noticeable silver lock (or seven), there are physical changes to look out for before hitting the big 3-0. Wrinkles The physical signs of aging are ... Read more

How Badly Can Pollution Damage Your Skin?

It is commonly known that ultraviolet rays from exposure to the sun are harmful to the skin but we now have a new cause of damage to the skin to worry about. Skin specialists are keen on the effects of air pollution on the skin and are continually raising many concerns over the same. Damage caused by air pollution isn’t as immediate as that caused by sunburn but this only makes it even more dangerous since we continue to be unaware of it occurring. This makes it important for all of us to be aware of how pollution affects the ... Read more

You Must Know These Top 5 Dresses of This Year

You will definitely need a comeback with your wardrobe makeover this year. If you do not possess these five mentioned dresses, get ready for a shopping spree that will have you covered for the year. This article has managed to capture the wardrobe essential dresses of the year that have proven not only worth the investment, but also in style. They will have you covered for any event you intend to attend, be it a wedding, bachelorette party, cocktail party, graduation or any other event that is listed in your calendar. This means, you will at no given time be ... Read more

Best Eye Creams of 2016

If you have been following an anti-aging regimen for a while, you must know how expensive products can be simply by just carrying the words “anti-aging” on the labels! Sometimes, it is hard to comprehend how a bottle from one brand can cost as much as US$ 200 while another only costs US$ 20. It’s easy to assume that the difference lies in the efficacy of the formulation but, in an industry that is expected to grow into a trillion dollars by 2025, it is becoming harder to tell what makes a Neocutis Lumière Bio-Restorative Eye Cream different from another ... Read more

How to Beat Cellulite on Thighs

It is swim suit season. No one wants to have any imperfections when they are wearing a swim suit. The problem is, a large majority of women do in fact have cellulite, mainly on our thighs, bum and midsection, myself included. Since I will be visiting a friend down the shore soon, I figured I would look into ways of getting rid of my cellulite, in particular, on my thighs. After much research, this is how I decided I would beat my cellulite. Are you in for the challenge? You need to eat a healthy diet This is basically high ... Read more