Author: Khalid Irfan

Khalid Irfan is fitness and health expert who love to share fitness tips and ideas to the world to stay healthy, Khalid is owning multiple fitness sources such as Fitnistics, FitnessPowerClub and much more where he share his fitness experience regularly.

Coconut Oil- A Multi-Use Tool For Everyday Use

Have you heard your friends or family members talk about coconut oil and how great it really is for everything? Well, they were not kidding! Coconut oil is that one substance that can almost be used for everything. Whether you want your hair to grow longer, or make it shine better. Whether you want to shed a few pounds or even to whiten your teeth… Yes, you should be turning to coconut oil for all that and then some. Let’s take a look at some of the other wonderful uses coconut oil can help us with! Like I said, it ... Read more

6 Ways Your Dentist Can Make You Look Better

We often hear that a good smile is the first feature people notice when meeting someone new. A great smile can make you look younger, healthier and happier!  If you want to get noticed and look your best, start with making your mouth look its best too.  Daily brushing and flossing are a great first step, but they don’t fight the natural aging of our teeth and mouth. Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of treatments that will brighten your smile and repair imperfections that keep you from looking your best. You probably wouldn’t consider a dental professional when looking for ... Read more

5 Premature Aging Signs and How to Treat them

Aging is a very gradual process but they are many ways to slow it down and correct some of its undesirable effects. Of course, for most of us, it should all start first and foremost with a healthy lifestyle. Following a balanced diet, keeping active and managing to keep stress levels down are all key to preventing our body from deteriorating faster than it should and crucial ingredients for a longer, healthier lifespan. When this isn’t nearly enough however, they are specific solutions designed to eradicate some of the most visible premature aging signs and give you back a new ... Read more

Ditching Domino’s: the difficult road to global health

Devouring a Domino’s pizzas is surely what everyone wants to do with their day, followed by a few pints of Coca-Cola and a handful of warm cookies, all of it snaking down your throat in a wonderful, wonderful mass of sugar and carbs and full-fat cheese and isn’t your mouth watering just now, like a Labrador eyeing up a steak? Excuse this writer for a moment while he raids his own fridge. Right, anyway, the real problem with the diet detailed above is that it’ll clog your arteries like a mound of hair stuck in a drain, and it’ll most ... Read more

6 Great Places to Enjoy Vaping

If you are an avid vaper and love this healthier alternative to smoking, then chances are, you will try to vape wherever you can. Problem is, there are some places that do not allow vaping in public. In order for you to enjoy your flavored substitute to cigarettes, you should know where you can vape freely without being called out for it. Vaping is still considered the same as cigarettes, even when these are not, so it is not surprising that vaping is sometimes allowed only in areas where smoking is permitted. You can choose to do this if there ... Read more