Author: Robert Berg

Scope of a Cardiology Technologist in Canada

Cardiology technologists are healthcare experts who are responsible for providing information required for the detection and treatment of heart diseases. Why Cardiology Technologists Are So Essential To start with, consider this estimate: there will be more than 47,000 employment opportunities from 2015 to 2024 becoming available for Canadian medical technicians and technologists which also include cardiology technologists. The question is, why is such a hike anticipated for health experts in this field? It’s basic. Canada’s residents are getting older because of a steady growth in the population aged 65 and above. Likewise, innovative technologies and equipment in the field of ... Read more

Importance of an Annual Comprehensive Medical Exam in Healthcare

The comprehensive medical exam is a commitment on the part of healthcare providers and the people who receive this invaluable service as well. This is not your standard in and out office visit where everything is discussed in thirty minutes or less. Instead, it is a five-hour event in which you will be examined from head to toe and all points in between. Why make this investment? Because you are worth it and this is an investment in your health today and in the future. Gauges the Current State of Your Health If you’ve never experienced a comprehensive health check ... Read more