Author: Ella Jones

I’m a blogger, shopaholic, and beauty-obsessed blogger from NYC, armed with a Professional MBA from Fordham and a License in Cosmetology from Empire Beauty School in my hometown of Brooklyn. I’m the proud owner of a successful salon and beauty parlor in the city, and I’ve started this blog to share my beauty secrets with you.

How to Make Your Eyes Green-See Amazing Methods Here!

For those who have brown or green eyes and want them to be prominent, then they will hear a bit different advice. Many people say that purple eye shadows will highlight the green. This is not true. Make-up designers have proven this (incorrectly). Others recommend green eye liner or green mascara or even green earrings. A few give good results; others don’t. Here’s the how-to. The Purple Misconception How did so many get to think that purple made green eyes prominent? Over a color table, purple is contrary to green. If you study coloration table, this indicates that purple and ... Read more