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The Right Plan for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

I love drinking alcohol. Well, only occasionally. I usually do this to socialize and relax. But I can bravely say that I am not addicted to it. I can live without it. Unlike me, most people choose alcohol to drown themselves to escape their problems temporarily. Is that possible? Of course, it is. Whatever factor urged you to start drinking alcohol, you must be responsible enough not to make it a habit. Why? It may lead to an addiction.

Symptoms and Causes of Lower Back Pain

Overview Lower back pain is rapidly becoming a common cause for visits to the doctor. According to NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke), the pain associated with lower back is one of the most common causes of job-related disability. Recent research points out that at least 80% of Americans will experience lower back pain in their lifetimes. So, what are lower back pain symptoms and causes? Symptoms Symptoms of lower back pain vary depending on the nature and the place of the pain. For instance, severe or aching pain in the lower back (which normally starts after sudden ... Read more

5 Natural Ways to Tighten and Firm Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it requires proper care and maintenance. Life experiences like aging, excessive weight loss or pregnancy can cause the skin to sag and lose its firmness, and this can have a negative impact on one’s self-esteem. Some people may choose to have risky and expensive surgery to tighten their loose skin, however, there are many effective, safe and all natural ways to tighten your skin. Whether it’s the skin on your thighs, stomach or arms, there are natural ways to tighten and firm things up. In this article, we are going ... Read more

Minimize Stress When Traveling with These Essential Travel Apps

Various advancements in technology have brought us so far to the point that we no longer need a travel agent or guide to show us around new or unfamiliar places. All you need is a smartphone and an app installed containing all the information that will help you during your trip. Planning a trip used to be a stressful experience, but now all you need is the right tools and applications installed on your smartphone in order make your vacation a breeze. There are several apps that can be used to help you get around, some, however, can be irrelevant ... Read more

Neurological Recovery Following a Spinal Cord Injury: Important Facts and Information

A spinal cord injury encompasses any damage to the spinal cord resulting in temporary or permanent changes to the spinal cord’s functions. The changes can vary from loss of sensation to loss of muscle function or autonomic functions in the parts of the body below the point of injury. The spinal cord houses nerve bundles which transmit important messages from the brain to other parts of the body. When the spinal cord is injured, the nerve bundles stop working resulting in devastating, usually permanent symptoms, which include loss of sensation and movement below the injury point. There are several causes ... Read more

How to Combat Depression with Exercise

  Fighting depression can be an uphill battle. There are a lot of ways to treat depression depending on its severity as well as its underlying causes. Regardless of these factors, certain lifestyle changes can alleviate symptoms of depression and help the person suffering. One of these important and powerful changes is — exercise. Regular exercise has been proven to improve a person’s mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety, contributing to an overall increase in a feeling of well-being. Here is an overview of the strong link between brain activity and exercise as well as a look at some of ... Read more

Causes of Back and Neck Pain

Many people don’t realize just how much they use or move their neck until they’re unable to do so. The neck is actually very susceptible to damage/injury because of its’ flexibility, and the fact that it has the least muscular stabilization and has to move and support a 14 to 16 pound head. As such, back and neck pain are among some of the most common reasons why many people visit doctors, and are also the major cause of lost work days, high healthcare costs, disability, among others. Back and neck pain can come from injury or damage to the ... Read more

I Was in a Car Accident: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Car accidents can be a terrible ordeal for the injured party as well as their family and close friends. When you were involved in a car accident you will need to assess what happened and very often, especially if you were significantly injured, you will need a personal injury lawyer to help you make your claim and get paid for medical bills as well as any other payments your insurance may need to make. When looking to make a claim, an attorney will not only look at the medical bills which you may want to get covered, but also the ... Read more

Lower Back Pain – Causes, Relief and Treatment

One of the most critical and attention-seeking of bodily disorders is lower back pain. The reason for its seriousness is because it is linked to the spinal cord, which supports the movement and structure of the body. Lower back pain can be brought about by several situations. Some situations are avoidable, while others are accidental and unavoidable. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle the disorder, regardless of the cause. What causes the lower back pain? The lower back is connected to various parts of the spinal cord, and the musculoskeletal system. For that, the pain will be caused by problems ... Read more

Recovering from Spinal Cord Injuries

Any injury to your head or spinal cord is a potentially serious injury. A spinal injury does not necessarily entail injury to the spinal cord. It can describe any injury to the spine, such as a whiplash that can result in spinal injury that is temporary. A spinal injury, depending on which part of the cord is injured, could be totally paralyzing, partially paralyzing, and could affect your ability to breathe among other things. There are many ways a spinal injury can occur. It can be developmental, from disease or from a tumor. Very often, the injury is due to ... Read more

Getting a Divorce Amicably Whilst Minimizing Stress

The most important thing about getting a divorce is that you choose the right time to do so. Many divorce attorneys will not touch cases which involve a recent pregnancy or other complicated issues. An amicable divorce requires both parties to be mature enough to secure a good outcome without it turning into a personal attack or an exercise in character assassination. Often the best divorces come about as a result of teamwork and agreement rather than disdain or aggression. Decisions taken during stressful times, for whatever reason, are less likely to be the right ones. Minimizing Costs To keep ... Read more

Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Car Accident Case?

When the unthinkable happens, many people remain in dilemma as to whether to call a lawyer or not. The question of whether you need a car accident lawyer to handle your case has no definite answer. The answer depends on the circumstances surrounding the case. Some people will rush into calling a lawyer when they get involved in a minor accident that probably doesn’t need any representation. It is therefore important that anyone involved in a car accident should be able to make a sound judgment of the situation and decide whether to get a lawyer or not. Here are ... Read more