Author: Taso Savv

Taso is a freelance writer, busy father and life coach. He is passionate about living healthy and getting the most out of life by healthy choices and habits. He stays inspired and empowered by connecting with others through the Internet where he often expresses his thoughts on health related subjects.

Adult Bedwetting: Where to Start?

Adult bedwetting is a common – if uncommonly spoken of – issue that causes a lot of heartache, especially for people who are hesitant to reach out for help and advice on how to approach the problem. However, the power is in your hands to make your life, or that of a loved one, significantly more pleasant, by simply taking these “first-responder” actions today.

Why Marijuana Is Safer Than Benzodiazepines

A growing body of evidence shows us that marijuana may be a safe alternative to other prescription drugs for conditions like anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Medical marijuana shows particular promise in areas where it could potentially replace commonly abused prescription drugs like benzodiazepines. What Are Benzodiazepines? Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are typically prescribed for anxiety disorders, but they are sometimes used to treat other conditions like alcohol withdrawal and seizures. You’ve probably heard of the most commonly-prescribed benzodiazepine. It goes by the name of Xanax. Librium, Valium and Ativan are also in this same drug class. In fact, there are ... Read more