5 Interesting Facts about ADHD in Adults and Signs You May Need Medication


There are three main or core symptoms seen when a person has ADHD, which include hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. While diagnosing this condition in children is something that doctors are accustomed to doing, diagnosing it in adults can be a bit more challenging. If an adult believes they or someone close to them may be suffering from ADHD and require ADHD medication, then it is a good idea to contact a doctor. Getting to know more about this condition and how it presents in adults can be beneficial, as well.

  1. Symptoms of Inattention Related to ADHD

Some of the symptoms seen in adults who suffer from ADHD that fall under the category of inattention include:

  • The adult is forgetful in day to day activities
  • They are easily distracted by other things
  • The person often loses things
  • They avoid or dislike tasks that require sustained mental effort
  • The person has issues organizing tasks and various activities
  • Doesn’t listen when someone speaks to them directly
  • Has a hard time paying attention to tasks they are doing
  • Makes careless mistakes
  1. Symptoms of ADHD in Adults Related to Impulsivity and Hyperactivity

In addition to the symptoms of inattention above, an adult suffering from ADHD may show the following symptoms related to hyperactivity and impulsivity, which include:

  • Fidgeting often or taking feet and hands
  • Leaves their seat when they should be sitting
  • Talks excessively
  • Acts as if they are on the go
  • Blurts out answers before questions are fully formed
  • Intrudes on or interrupts others
  • Climbs or runs in areas that it is not appropriate to do so
  • Not able to participate in relaxing activities and remain quiet
  1. Appearance of ADHD in Adults in Various Settings

The symptoms of ADHD can affect an adult at their home, at work or while they are in a social situation. In order for an adult to be diagnosed with this disorder, the symptoms have to be seen at least two or more settings. Some of the ways that ADHD presents itself in various settings can be found here.

At home, a person may become forgetful regarding the things they need to do each day, such as running certain errands, keeping up with appointments and making phone calls. They may also lose items regularly, such as their phone, wallet, keys and glasses. In most cases, those with ADHD are also going to find it difficult to participate in leisure activities while remaining quiet.

When a person with ADHD is at work, they may have a hard time getting organized, staying organized and have poor time management abilities. They may also consistently miss deadlines. Other signs include issues sitting still and not paying close attention to the details of a project or task, or making careless mistakes.

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When a person with ADHD is in a social situation, they may talk excessively, interrupt others and have a hard time waiting for their turn to speak or do something.

  1. In Adulthood ADHD may Appear in Different Ways

When an adult has ADHD, the symptoms related to the condition are not always as clear as they are in children. In fact, the symptoms may be more subtle and even difficult to detect. However, just because things like hyperactivity are not as apparent, they are still telltale signs of a problem.

ADHD is a highly treatable condition in both children and adults. Any adults suffering from the condition should considering buying the medication they need for it online. Doing so provides them with a fast, easy way to get the medication they need, without ever having to leave the house. This is beneficial since may people may forget that they have ordered or need to pick up medication for their ADHD issue. Keep this in mind if you are suffering from ADHD and make sure to get the medication needed.

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