5 Non Financial Investments That Is Worth Every Penny


Investing allows you to grow your wealth as well as have something going for you after retirement. Other areas you invest in will indirectly contribute to this by ensuring you are in the best form-physically and mentally to attain your financial goals.

Either way, you want to make investments as you go through life. Here are five non-financial investments for you to consider.

A life partner and social ties

Good relationships enhance your mental health and wellbeing throughout life. People with strong social connections are known to be healthier, happier and to live longer. Yet, in the rigors of life, it’s easy to focus all resources on other aspects of life and ignore your social connections.

Your life partner, for example, plays a huge role in your life. Think of it this way, they support your career directly and are your biggest cheerleader. In most times, your success is intertwined with theirs, so really they genuinely want you to do well. When you establish and invest in having a great relationship with your life partner, the returns come back ten-fold in terms of your productivity as well as your physical and mental health. Other social networks including friends and relatives play a similar role as well. They not only support your goals and ideas, but they also help absorb the shocks that come your way.

This support system balances you out as you scale up the career ladder or start a new business. They provide a safety net, which in turn focuses you more on the tasks ahead, some may end in financial growth, others in personal growth.

Giving your time to these networks may mean foregoing a potential client meeting, or giving up the extra money you would earn working overtime. Sometimes, it means taking money out of your pocket to assist a financially strapped friend. Whatever form it takes to strengthen your social bonds will always be well worth it.


We all know the value of a restful, relaxing, holiday on your mental and physical health. Sometimes you put in long hours for months at a go. Eventually, you burn out, and it shows with decreased productivity over time and sometimes physical and mental symptoms.

People who take vacations occasionally have lower stress levels and less risk of heart disease. They are able to focus better, be more productive, more creative and much happier. Holidays keep you in optimal shape to achieve your other goals, both financial and non-financial ones. They also ensure that you remain in good health which means fewer trips to the doctors.

Another invaluable return you get from a holiday are the memories created. These are invaluable. They form and reinforce attachments whose value cannot be ignored.

Personal Development

This can be by going back to school, taking online courses, seminars, buying a book, learning a new skill or even nurturing a hobby that interests you like painting or pottery.

These require an investment of time, money or both. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there were 857,000 graduates, 40 and older. By 2010, the number stood at 1.3 million.

These numbers are expected to rise, as more and more people discover the value of an additional course to their careers/businesses and life in general.

Whether it’s an MBA or a management course, investing in your education is always something you will reap benefits from. This can be in terms of getting a promotion and earning more. It can also be geared towards a complete career change, usually one with better prospects. Sometimes it’s to enable your transition into an entirely new and more lucrative industry. In other instances, it’s to equip you to start and run a business. Either way, it can be the path to financial freedom and is an investment whose fruits you will reap for years to come.

Real estate and collectibles

Real estate, is always a solid go-to when thinking about investment matters. This can take many forms, you can acquire property to lease, rent out or for speculative purposes. Either way, this will require you to invest both your time and your money in it. In some cases, you buy dilapidated buildings which you have to restore before they can start giving you a return.

Collectibles, on the other hand, are simply a labor of love, because you might not make a reasonable financial return at the end of it. For this reason, collectors, finding and having collectibles in itself is satisfying. Being able to monetize is an added bonus. Collecting valuable items is increasingly gaining popularity in recent years. These include art, sports, and music memorabilia as well as wine. However, done well, over time collectibles can earn you good money.

Mental and physical wellness

Truth be told, your health is your biggest asset. Without it, it is impossible to be productive or make any active income.

What are the main ways to invest in your health?

  • Work out: ensure to have a regular working out schedule. Consistency here is key to help you reap maximum benefits.
  • Regular check-ups: most people will not see a doctor unless something hurts. This is wrong. Schedule appointments with your physician as well as dentists regularly. If there is a problem, this is your best chance to have it fixed quickly and cheaply before it takes its toll on you. Think of it this way, you never miss to take your car for service. Why not give your body the same attention. Schedule regular visits to the doctor’s clinic.
  • Insurance premiums: when you take steps to ensure you remain in good health, your risk profile goes down a few notches. You will then pay lower premiums on life and health premiums which is a win. This literally puts money in your pocket.

The above ideas will tie in perfectly with your investments as they add extra value to you as well as your portfolio and while you may not implement them at once, they can provide a starting point. Your health would be a great starting point because whichever way you think about it, it will always be your biggest asset.

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