5 Simple Steps to Change Your Habits


Habits come and go naturally as you mature, but you could change a bad habit for a good one. You don’t need to wait it out and make the necessary steps in changing these habits. Here are five simple steps to change your bad habits and turn them into a leisure activity of your liking.

Identify the bad habit

The first thing that you need to do is to identify what habit you want to change. Not all habits are bad. Some are wholesome and can be relaxing to do. Only choose those habits that are hindering you from working or performing your duties and responsibilities. You can do this first step by making a list of the things that you like to do or continuously doing. It will make you narrow down the habits that you want to get rid of. 

Assess the outcome

Try to assess what the outcome will be if you got rid of the habit. Getting rid of something could lead to something better or worse. For example, smoking. Smokers tend to develop an addiction to nicotine, weed, or even marijuana. These substances can be harmful to the respiratory system, but not all the time. There a lot of medicinal benefits that you can get from these medicinal plants. Some even tend to boost your immune system. You need to ask questions like how long does THC stay in blood? So it is good to research to know which ones are good or which ones are bad.

Build some confidence

Now that you’re sure about getting rid of this habit, you need to have a sense of confidence and independence. Being confident in trying to remove a bad habit is crucial to start doing it. Being confident allows you to become more independent, living a life without having to remember what that habit was doing for you, only holding you back from attaining your goals.  

Stay determined

Stay determined as you try and replace that habit with a better or productive one. There will be no absolute change if you are not determined to do it so. Focus on your goal and imagine your life with the new habit that you have in mind. See the better version of yourself and your image, and this will help you stick with your new routine. It also helps in preventing you from going back to the old habit.

Get rid of triggers

The last step is to get rid of any triggers. These are the things that might provoke or entice you to start going back to your old habits. If eating unhealthy food is your bad habit, then get rid of any junk food and snacks that might encourage you to eat unhealthy again. Social factors could also contribute as triggers, like restaurants, fast food chains, and many more. Be aware of these triggers and do your best to avoid them.

Apply these simple steps in getting rid of your bad habits and change into the person that you desire to be. Change starts with you and your mindset. Remember to stay determined and have a strong will. 


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/oDBmduFQDn4


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