7 Reasons Why Men Fall In Love With A Women Who Looks Like Their Mum


girl lools like mumRecent studies have shown that a man is more likely to fall in love with a woman who looks like his mother. Researchers suggest that male sexual preferences are significantly determined by maternal influences for childhood. This means that any man who is more like his mother find her attractive. The most common reason is that they use the best skin brighteners. Although this observation has only been made in different species, researchers believe the same apply to humans. Here are 7 reasons why men are more likely to fall in love with women who look like their mothers:

  1. Comfort Familiarity

In reference to psychotherapist Elayne Savage from Berkley, California, familiarity is one of the main reasons that make people choose partners who are like their mother or father. She notes that by growing up familiar with certain types of people, you become attracted to them because you feel more comfortable in their presence, irrespective of whether you like them or not. Savage, who is also the author of “Breathing Room: Creating Space to Be a Couple,” says that a man is more likely to fall in love with a woman who looks like his mother because he thinks he has known her for all his life.

  1. Common Physical and Intellectual Traits

There is some anecdotal evidence suggesting that your parent’s intellectual and physical traits can significantly influence the person you pick as your partner. For instance, in a study conducted in Hungary, the facial features of 52 families demonstrated a strong connection between the appearance of men and their fathers-in-law as well as those of women and their mothers-in-law. In another study at University of Iowa, researchers discovered that “high achieving men” were more likely to marry women with similar educational levels and careers that are the same to those of their mothers.

  1. Correcting Childhood Abuse

If you are a man with the abusive childhood, you may find yourself choosing mates who resemble your parents, not because of fond memories, but to amend for the unhappy childhood experiences you faced. According to Stephen Treat, director of the Council for relationships in Philadelphia, if you felt rejected and abandoned by your parent, your psych may still want to retrieve the crime scene to resolve parental relationship in your marriage. Treat says that although it is not a good idea, most people think they will be capable of getting healed this way, but you may not be equipped any better than you were as a child.

  1. Reclaiming Personal History

A man who lost his mother at an earlier age is more likely to get in a relation with a woman who looks like her. You might feel like you missed a lot of hugs and kisses from your mom and getting someone like her will help you reclaim your personality history. You are also more likely to look for traits that resembled your mom if you rarely met during your childhood. While there is no mistake in marrying someone who looks like your mom, Treat says it can be helpful in reclaiming your personal history.

  1. Evolution and Natural Selection

Evolution and natural selection has pre-programmed men to seek their partners originating from the same species as well as group. As a young child, you were in close contact with your mother, and thus women who look like her become the templates of what you look for—someone dedicated and always available to meet your needs and demands. However, according to some psychiatrists, irrespective of how fathers dedicate and commit their lives in meeting the needs of their daughters, they don’t leave the same imprints in their daughters’ mate selection.

  1. Oedipus Complex

Although many psychologists have discarded the “Oedipus Complex” theory, studies have shown that your relationship with your mom may play a significant role on how well you reconnect with women later in life, according to Michael Kimmel, Ph.D., a SUNY sociologist and author of Guyland. In reference to William Pollack, Ph.D., a young men expert at Cambridge health Alliance at Harvard School of Medicine, close and affectionate mother-son bond is based on a healthy romantic attachment.

  1. Men Better Understand Emotions

Any man who’s has been brought up by his mother has at sometimes seen her cry or laugh. He has for many years observed her physical and mood changes. By realizing that mood swings do exist, a guy is more likely to choose a woman who resembles his mother or sisters. Aren’t most women similar to their moms?


Although some mental health experts may argue otherwise, there is mounting evidence suggesting that men are more attracted to women who resemble their moms. This attraction can stem back to childhood memories about the bond between the mother and son. There is nothing wrong in marrying a woman who looks just like your mother, but it is not recommendable to get engaged with women from the same family. You can resist the urge and opt for a woman who’s totally different from your mom in both looks and character.

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