Does anyone really like the taste of tobacco? Sure, there may be a few people who enjoy it, but it’s a good bet that most people, even smokers, would take another taste over tobacco any day. For example, with e-cigarettes, you can “smoke” – or, more accurately, “vape” – fruits and spices. Some people even mix their own flavors – something you can’t do with traditional tobacco. These developments in the vaping industry highlight the fact that the recreational activity is one that can be fully customized.

Vape 300x167 - A New Year of Change:  Having Customization Options Has Become the Norm

We’ll get back to flavors shortly. Sites like have a lot of information on it. But here are some more customization options that you can incorporate into your vaping.


Batteries are the power source of vapes/e-cigarettes. Their job is to heat the e-liquid and turn it into an enjoyable vapor. It is important to choose the right type of battery for your device, and there are three kinds. First, there is the IMR or lithium manganese batteries. These are considered to be the safest vaping batteries available today. They are great at tolerating heat and stress and are less likely to be dangerous if they fail. Second, are the ICR batteries. They’re cheaper, but they are also less stable than IMRs. They have longer life, but have proven to be less reliable than their counterparts. Third, there are the Hybrid batteries, aka the best of both world. These come with the safety features of IMRs and with the longer life capacity of ICRs.


The tank is the part of the vape/e-cigarette that contains and heats the e-liquid. This is where most of the action takes place. Like with batteries, there are several types of tanks that you need to be aware of. Atomizers contain wicks and coils and hold the e-liquid themselves. If you prefer to drip your vapor, atomizers are great, but beware: you’ll need to clean your e-cig more often. Cartomizers, another type of tank, come pre-filled with a substance that absorbs and regulates the flow of the e-liquid. Cleaning the cartomizer is necessary because build up can cause your vape liquid to taste bad. Clearomizers are the most popular type of tank right now. They come with an atomizer and a clear tank allowing you to see how much juice you have left at a glance. These are great for people who like to heavily customize their vaping experience.


These are the flavors mentioned earlier. E-liquids are perhaps the most important part of vaping, because you can’t produce a vapor without them. There are even stores that sell nothing but e-liquids. That being said, all e-liquids are not created equal. You need to be circumspect about how and where you get your e-liquids. But getting e-liquids should be fun. They come in a variety of flavors including fruits, spices, and drinks, and of course tobacco. Some people even make their own e-liquids, but that’s not recommended until you have a lot of experience with vaping.

To get the most out of e-cigarettes, it’s important to regularly clean your device. Disassemble it, swab the parts with rubbing alcohol, and let them set to dry once a week. Taking advantage of these customization options and keeping a clean e-cigarette can greatly enhance your vaping experience.