Have you ever heard of these anti aging hacks…?


Are you worried about your looks as you age? Are you looking for some easy solutions which may help age gracefully? I have been brainstorming this idea for some time now and was able to garner some amazing hacks which will help everyone to preserve their fountain of youth for a long time. Don’t believe me, just read the following, try them and see the difference in your skin texture.

anti aging hacks

These are some of the hacks you can try on your skin and stay safe from aging. Using them would provide you benefits equivalent to top age-defying solution from Revitol or other such cream.

Walk the age off :You may be surprised to know this but yes if you want to live an active life till late in life, then there is no better exercise than walking. Just include a 30 minutes walk in your schedule morning or evening (whatever suits you) and reap the benefits as you age. It has also been proved in numerous studies. So, there is no lack of scientific evidence to prove how good this little effort be. A mild jogging along with walking is the best way you can improve your bone density. Walking alone can improve your metabolism, you need not do anything else. This means that you can eat well and stop bothering about digestive issues that creep up with aging. What say, are you hitting the joggers’ park tomorrow?

Keep those lines appearing on your face at bay, with the Palm fruit : Oh, that must have confused you? I am talking about coconut oil. It is one of the most amazing natural oils we have. It has lauric acid, a strong anti microbial agent and immune booster. You can apply it topically and also add it to your diet. This will ensure good hydration from within and above. But even if you start using it on your skin at night regularly, your skin will thank you for the nourishment, it will have. Fortunately, it is also good for the hair too. You can apply this on your scalp. It will prevent scalp issues, check premature graying and prevent dullness which is the primary thing noticed when one is growing old. It strengthens hair by providing them deep conditioning that is essential to protect it from environmental hazards. You can even massage your body with it. Quiet a lot of hacks with just one ingredient, isn’t it?

Detoxification : A lifetime of living, eating and merrymaking can lead to accumulation of toxins in the body. These eventually lead to the formation of free radicals. These free radicals, as we know accelerate the formation of aging signs. Apple cider vinegar is one of the easiest kitchen ingredients that can be employed to get rid of the toxins multiplying in the body. Just drink two glasses of apple cider vinegar mixed with water every day. This alone will bring you the benefits that any expensive detox diet will do. Miss this a day and see what your skin looks like. It is extremely good for the digestive system and as we all know a happy healthy stomach is needed for maintaining a healthy body and skin. It can be used as an astringent too.

Wash! Wash! : Keeping skin clean is extremely important but out here we are talking about just the face. Why? Here’s why: You apply tonnes of makeup on the face making it greasy. Being the most exposed part of the body makes it prone to environmental debris, dirt and other skin saboteurs. Any minor issue gets manifolded here and therefore it becomes immensely essential to keep it neat and clean. So wash it twice a day. Once in the morning to remove the oil buildup during the night and second in the evening after spending a whole day out gathering a lot of dirt and other pollutants which must be removed or else they will penetrate deep into the skin and initiate aging issues.

Make a good investment in sun safety : The skin on the face develops aging signs like fine line and wrinkles much faster than other parts of the body. You should protect yourself from the harsh sun rays. Make sure your car windows are tinted, you are exposed to sun even while driving. In a study it was found that a person who commutes regularly ages faster than the one who does often. This is because he develops more age spots, wrinkles, fine lines and not to forget dehydration which makes skin dry and susceptible to a lot of problems like redness, irritation and more. All these take you closer to what you wouldn’t want be – an old you.

Egg whites : Do you know the secret of porcelain-like skin of the Japanese women. It is the egg whites which they use extensively in their skin care. They use a face mask made up of the whites only, on their faces. This checks pore formation. Lesser the visible pores on the skin, younger the skin looks.

Try them, thank me later….!

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