Awesome Digital Marketing Tool for the Watch Market


Social media is ever changing. With algorithm changes, new features and a constant stream of updates, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest social trends.

“It takes work to stay on top of all the changes,” said Chelsea McDonald, senior social media strategist at DEG Digital. “The trends are just that for a reason; it’s what’s popular and happening right now, which was not popular two weeks ago and will be dead two months from now.”However, it’s important to leverage new trends and to anticipate any new ones. Staying current will keep your business competitive and set you apart from other businesses. Here’s what the future of social media marketing looks like, according to industry experts

  1. Travel Back In Time With Retro Style Watches

Of late, vintage and retro style fashion seems to be the talk of the streets and watches have not been left out of the fad. To keep up you can get a vintage analog watch with some rustic touch to it to emphasize its timelessness aspect. The bands are mostly made out of leather or at times metal which still have the retro style written all over them. Check this watch shop out for amazing vintage style watches

  1. Be Tech Savvy With Smart Watches

Technology has really improved in the last few years especially in the field of telecommunications. As such we have the mobile phone and wristwatch integration, smartwatches. Smartwatches allow you to perform a lot of commands such as making and answering calls, texting and also playing music. The watch comes in various designs and is a good fit for you if you have you are enthusiastic about both fashion and technology.

  1. Layering Up Your Wrist

Another fad that you do not want to miss is the layering up where you pair your wristwatch with other wrist accessories. On top of your watch, you can have matching bangles, bracelets, bandana or rings for a standout look.

When layering, look at your style so that you get wrist pieces which match. For example for a retro style watch, go with bohemian style bracelets and rings. Likewise, if you opt for a colorful timepiece a matching bandana wrapped on your wrist does the trick. You may opt for luminous bangle pieces for a smartwatch to get the tech-savvy theme on point.

  1. Go Small On The Piece

The era of humongous watches passed as fast as it came and small watches are now back. A small piece attracts attention from afar without necessarily being too much for your wrist. Additionally, it also gives room for you to layer up your wrist with other accessories for a sophisticated look.

  1. Let Your Skeleton Watch Out Of The Closet

Skeleton watches are now back in the fashion streets and stronger than ever. Skeleton watches have the dial stripped off exposing the timepiece’s running mechanism. They have a steampunk feeling to them as well as some classiness and artistic freedom. A gold or silver piece can do perfectly for your wardrobe selection


These are some of the trends in watches that you need to watch out for to stay on top of your style play.

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