Beauty Shortcuts To Look Gorgeous


8 Time-Saving Beauty Shortcuts To Get Glowing Skin Instantly

Getting a beautiful and attractive look for every occasion is what every woman wants. Thanks to their schedules of multitasking, they do not always have the luxury to take their own time to dress up. Here are some quick tips for you to get going with that perfect and flawless finish in lesser time!

Moisturizing for the clean and smooth look

So, you do not have the time to get a skin care regimen going just before you have come back from a hectic day or have woken up in the morning and have to rush to a breakfast at the beach within your special someone! Going through the tedious process of cleaning, toning and moisturizing is time taking so just slather a lot of moisturizer and massage it on your face like you do with a face wash. Keep wetting it with rose water and rinsing it off. Finally splash your face with cool water, pat dry and get ready for the perfect refreshing day with a smooth and glowing skin!

Getting the Awake & Alive Look

During day time, you‘ve got to have that up and about look on your face and eyes play a massive role in determining that look. Now, getting the appropriate and prim look for your eyes could really eat up a lot of your time and energy. And at the end of it, it is frustrating if the look does not turn out to be what you had imagined! So chuck all these tedious steps. Simply apply highlighter above the eyes, shape your eye brows with the pencil, to make it look more defined and attention pulling. Then simply sue a black, waterproof mascara to do up your eye lashes and you are done for the day. This would give you that perfectly neat, natural and no make-up look!

Ice Cold water For Instant Brightening

Okay, so now there is no need for you to get into those times taking shower before you get ready to go to that cocktail party after a heavy day or to catch up with friends on any one of their birthday parties. However, that does not mean that you have to trade your ease with getting that refreshing look, absolutely not! Ice cold water which is literally freezing in temperature could do the trick. Simply splash this water on your face at least 10-15 times continuously and use an ice cube to move over on your lips for about 2 minutes. Pat dry your skin and you would instantly get that toned up, fair, smooth and radiant look. Ice firms up collagen, seals the skin pores and boosts blood circulation. All this give your skin and your lips the volume and that healthy flush!

The Messy Yet Stylish Ponytail

Ever wondered how to give yourself a carefree yet stylish and sporty look, all at one? Well, you could benefit so much from this tip. Just when you wake up, gather all your lovely strands which might look messy at the time and  tie them up and high in a pony tail. This hair style looks messy and a little raw, yet extremely stylish, sorted and in vogue at the same time. And no, you would not be making any fashion faux pass with this, but would establish a style statement instead!

Crème Blush – All In One Purpose

Crème blush is an excellent way to give that dewy look to your cheeks and make them radiate with natural and warm shine, which only helps to make you even more beautiful. So how about choosing a natural shade like peach or shell pink and applying the same on your eye lids as an eye shadow while also filling your lips with it? Brilliant no! This would save so much of your time which would otherwise go into doing up your eyes, lips and cheeks separately.

Cheek Contouring To Hide Puffy Eyes

So, you exceeded you limit to have champagne with friends last night and slept in the wee hours since catching up on all the gossip couldn’t just let you sleep! And eventually you got up with swollen and puffy eyes only to realize you have that urgent meeting today where you have to shine in the best light! Oh dear! Nerve wrecking isn’t it? However there is a smarter option to conceal the moment’s imperfection by doing up contouring on your cheeks. Adding an extra layer of contouring that what you always normally do would hide the puffiness of your face and your eyes specifically.

Night Treatment For Conditioned Hair

Do you sometimes get stuck in the situation where you do not have the time to get up in the morning and spend time to deep condition your hair with a hair mask before leaving? But you still wish to have those shiny and luscious locks right! Be smart. Apply warm almond oil with half a lemon squeezed into it and apply on your scalp and tips. Massage for ten minutes and then sleep. In the morning your hair would be cleaned in one wash and you do not really have to sit with a hair mask to get the perfect looking hair.