Best home remedy for hair loss in women


Best home remedy for hair loss in women

The problem of hair loss is almost being faced by all, irrespective of the age group we talk about. It is as if we wake up to know that we are going to lose a few more strands every new day. Irrespective of the cause and cure this common problem seems to be somehow endless. When it comes to women the problem turns out to be one of reason for shame. As a woman should be an epitome of beauty and elegance. Long lustrous and thick hairs are the reason which adds to the charm. In order to maintain the same, the buying and selling of hair products are increasing day by day when the most effective solution lies in our kitchen and is just a footstep away.

Hair care starts from home

If the eyes are drawn towards the kitchen doors then it will be seen that a huge range of hair care products lie there.


Lemon juice, if applied after shampoo instead of conditioner on oily scalp, helps to maintain the oil balance. Lemon juice is effective in controlling dandruff if mixed with curd and applied on the scalp.


Open the refrigerator and eggs will occupy the top shelf. This is the best remedy to get rid of oily scalp, which can also be a reason for hair loss. Egg yolk mixed with lemon juice or water is an effective paste which helps boost the volume of hairs giving it a natural shine.

Henna Leaves

It is known to add natural color to the hairs since time immemorial. Henna leaves can be soaked overnight in water and then can be applied to the hairs by mixing some egg and lemon juice. This speeds up the growth and makes the hair soft.

Fenugreek Seeds

As the problem of dry scalp and dandruff is increases with the dawn of winters, we can make a paste of fenugreek seeds which has proved to be very efficient. Fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in water and then a paste made out of these can be applied for the treatment.

Indian Gooseberry

It not only tastes better but works amazingly well with its anti-oxidant property. Boil the Indian Gooseberry along with 3-4 tablespoon of any hair oil which suits you nice. Use this oil to massage on scalp before shampoo, it aids to hair growth rate and stimulates the blood flow.

Effective homemade hair packs

Hair packs are essential as they add to nutriments which heighten hair growth keeping it healthy and strong.

  • If troubled with oily scalp, then the best pick would be a paste of Amla powder, shikakai powder, reetha powder and neem powder with a slight tinge of Aloe Vera. It not only maintains the oil balance but gives a lustrous effect to the hairs.
  • If it’s dry hair issue then mix some henna which is soaked overnight in water with egg yolk, one tablespoon of olive oil along with lemon juice and apply. It not only makes the hair soft but also delivers natural color and fountains up the growth.
  • In order to increase the hair volume you have to mix one tablespoon of vinegar, one table spoon of honey along with one cup of water and massage the mixture on damp hairs after shampoo.


With a few homemade packs, a lot of hair related issues can be put to an end. These are less expensive and most importantly chemical free so no problems of side effects if a patch test for allergy is already done which is a general recommendation.
A little care can let our hair breathe in the dullest environment.

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