Caring for Your Skin in Las Vegas


You’re willing to do a lot to care for your skin, but you’re not willing to move out of Las Vegas. It’s too bad that Las Vegas does some very nasty things to our skin. In fact, Las Vegas’ hot, dry climate is so rough on our skin that we need to be proactive about countering it if we want our skin to look as nice as it would if we lived elsewhere. Let’s lay out your strategy for beautiful, healthy skin in Las Vegas.

Skin care basics

When it comes to skincare, there are a few things that Las Vegas area residents need to be particularly aware of and careful about. But no matter where you live, there are certain universal things that you need to do to take care of your skin.

Most obviously, you need to wash your skin — especially the skin on your face, which is the focus of so many beauty concerns (and so many beauty products). You need to scrub your face clean of dirt, oil (your face will produce more oil than the skin elsewhere on your body — another reason to focus on the face!), and makeup. Use a mild cleanser

Do this twice a day (once in the morning and once at night), and follow up by applying moisturizer cream. In between washing and moisturizing, you may want to apply a toner to wick up the last few contaminants and to restore the pH balance of your beautiful skin

You can enjoy wearing makeup, but be sure to remove it completely before you go to sleep (your evening face wash is the perfect time to do this, of course). Be sure to apply SPF creams, too — many moisturizers and makeup products include SPF protection, so this shouldn’t be hard to do.

What Las Vegas can do to your skin

Las Vegas is the kind of place that wages war on your skincare priorities. You’re sporting SPF protection, but the hot Las Vegas sun is more than a match for less powerful products. The hot sun and the dry desert will wreak havoc on your skin. But you can fight back!

Caring for your skin in Las Vegas is all about combining your common-sense routine with a heightened effort in the areas of skincare that Las Vegas is toughest on.

That starts with sun protection. Experts tell us not to wait for beach days or cookouts to apply sunscreen: We’re supposed to be wearing SPF protection every day that we go outside, rain or shine, 365 days a day. That’s advice that applies to the entire world!

So if people living in Alaska are supposed to be wearing SPF lotion every day, you had better believe that it is a necessity here in Las Vegas. And while folks in different climates might be able to get away with the basic SPF coverage offered by some makeup and moisturizing products, Las Vegas residents will want to opt for stronger SPF protection of the sort available in dedicated SPF products. You should still be able to find products that feel, look, and smell right, and always choose a real SPF-focused product over SPF makeup. It’s not worth it, especially since excessive sun exposure can increase your risk of skin cancer.

You’ll want to be especially serious about moisturizing. Here, more than most other places, it’s important to use a very mild soap when washing your face and to apply lots of moisturizer after each cleansing. Re-apply moisturizer when you can, and watch your skin closely for signs of dehydration — you may need to step up your moisturizer game.

Las Vegas is not the sort of place where you’ll want to go it alone on the skincare front. You’ll want to visit a spa regularly. Choose one that specializes in skincare, say the experts at Las Vegas’ Novu Skin spa, and work with the pros there to get superior skin treatments while also fine-tuning your strategy at home. The best skin care experts will be happy to give you the advice that it takes to fight Las Vegas’ nasty attacks on skin.

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