CBD Tinctures – Best Hemp Extraction Method for Potent Healing Effects


People have been using Cannabis from thousands of years for recreational and medicinal purposes. This magical plant has many organic chemicals and cannabinoids, with THC and CBD being the ones that are mentioned the most.

The THC cannabinoid provides the euphoric effect, which makes people get high on marijuana. Recreational and medicinal marijuana can be procured legally in many of the states in the US.

On the other hand, CBD or the cannabidiol has the natural characteristics of promoting the calming or soothing effects on the users. Therefore, CBD is used in many of the medicinal products to treat anxiety and seizures, because of its anti inflammatory and analgesic properties.

The best thing about CBD is that it is quite safe. However, more studies will have to be conducted to see how it interacts with other compounds used in the making of medicinal products, and also about its effects after extended usage.

There are many products like oils, capsules, lotions, and gummies that are being developed from hemp extract. These days CBD tinctures are also gaining a lot of popularity, because of the remarkable relieving effect on various health issues. For best quality CBD hemp extracts in the US, you can visit the website of Organic CBD Nugs. They are known for using 100% organic ingredients and best extraction methods.

Benefit of CBD tinctures:

  • Work as natural pain relief
  • It also helps people with sleeping problem and insomnia, in regulating their sleeping patterns.
  • CBD resin drops can help you deal effectively with depression and anxiety.
  • It helps in lifting the mood, and relaxing the mind
  • It can also work quite remarkably for reducing seizures
  • CBD hemp extract also helps in reducing the effects of Parkinson’s
  • Help in relaxing the muscles and soothing muscle pain
  • CBD has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

How are CBD tinctures derived?

Tinctures are extracted from Cannabis plant by using the mixture of water and alcohol. Even though extracts can be derived by using other medium like oil, vinegar, and glycerine, the potency level is best when derived with alcohol and water.

Different brands use different strains of Cannabis for developing their products. Some of the best quality full spectrum products are also derived from a combination of multiple Cannabis strains. After separating the alcohol from the resin, it is winterized and cooled for removal of unwanted wax. This process helps in improving the efficacy and potency of the product.

In addition to the cannabinoids, these extracts will also have other beneficial compounds like amino acids, vitamins, terpenes, and omega fatty acids.

How different is it from the hemp oil?

Since alcohol is used as the extraction medium, it offers more beneficial compounds when compared to oil based extraction. However, if you are sensitive to alcohol, then you will have to go for the CBD oil. These resin drops or tinctures can be used topically, sublingually, or even as an ingredient while preparing food and beverages.

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