The Different Skin Types and Their Treatment


The Different Skin Types and Their Treatment

Having healthy and glowing skin helps people in looking beautiful and confident. No one wants their face to be covered in blemishes or marked by any other problems that often befall the skin. Every individual has a different type of skin and the problems associated with each can vary. Typically, people have oily, dry, combination or normal skin type that can each pose problems and prevent them from looking their best. Some people may also have sensitive skin along with one of the four different skin types aforementioned. There is no standard treatment that can be used for all skin types. The conditions and problems of each are unique and need to be addressed accordingly for best results.

Dry Skin

Your skin will be considered dry in the case where it lacks oil, has the tendency of becoming dehydrated and also has a few breakouts, if any. In the most extreme cases that occur, dry skin lacks a lot of elasticity and proves to be extremely sensitive to the wind, sun and cold temperatures. Warm water and a rich creamy cleanser should be used for washing the face once on a daily basis. The best way to deal with this skin type is to rinse with warm water and then pat it dry with a towel. The flaky and tight feeling of dehydration can be dealt with by using toner. Keep the skin rejuvenated and hydrated with the help of a cream-based lotion.

Oily Skin

When individuals have oily skin, it will tend to have an unusual shine to it very soon after the skin is cleansed and this type of skin also has slightly enlarged pores. As compared to other skin types, oily skin is more vulnerable to blackheads, pimples and whiteheads and it has a coarse texture. This type of skin also attracts more dirt due to which people should use a non-foaming cleanser for washing their face twice a day. It is best to use warm water for rinsing. Additional residue can be removed with an alcohol-free and hydrating toner.

Normal Skin

Normal and combination skin type are often confused, but they are totally different. The skin is deemed to be normal the skin is oily on your nose only and the cheeks are taut and dry. It is also regarded as normal if the skin changes according to seasons. This means that it gets oilier in summer and dryer in winter. Cleansers that have been designed for this skin type should be used for cleansing and washing the face. Moisturizer should also be applied onto the skin.

Combination Skin

When two different skin types exist on a single face, it is defined as combination skin. This situation occurs when there is lots of oil on one area of skin because of acne while the remaining area is dry. Each area should be treated separately according to the skin type. A dermatologist can be consulted for getting recommendations relating to products.

If treatment is done according to the type of skin, people will have fresh looking skin in no time at all.

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