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Following the American Society of Plastic surgeons statistics, the number of people getting cosmetic surgical procedures continues to grow over the past few years steadily. People consider plastic surgery for various reasons, and despite your needs, you can get a procedure that can correct your situation boosting your self-esteem and ensuring that you can step out in confidence. The best part is that getting the services is easily accessible; for instance, you could visit the BJ Cohen website and be on your way to excellent plastic surgery procedures. Among the reasons associated with the cosmetic surgery rise include;

Technology advancements

The instruments and cosmetic surgery products at the doctors’ exposure continue to increase, offering safer and reliable procedures. The advancements have seen the rise in surgical and nonsurgical procedures since they take lesser time and are more effective than before. Laser technology, for instance, has improved to great heights, the success rate and effectiveness of the minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, a concept that didn’t exist a decade ago.

More benefits

While you may be considering plastic surgery as a way of enhancing your body size or shape, there is more to it that the aesthetic value. Consumers are now information-oriented than before, and as research shows, some plastic surgery procedures doubles as beauty measures and improving the health of the receiver.

Breast reduction procedure, for instance, not only helps women to get their desired breast sizes but also relieves them from disk and back problems. Another excellent example is surgery meant to deal with extra skin, especially after weight loss. The surgery allows you to get firm skin while shedding the extra skin that could cause rashes and other infections. Such health benefits make plastic surgery a valuable consideration, giving it the popularity that continues to grow by the day.


In the past, cosmetic surgery was for the uber-wealthy, but today, that has changed. With the numerous financing options, plastic surgery costs can be met in various approaches ranging from personal loans, medical credit cards, and even payment plans availed by the plastic surgeons. Health insurance is also available for the cosmetic surgery procedures necessitated by medical reasons such as mastectomy, a procedure that helps to reconstruct the breast.


The social stigma that was associated with plastic surgery is not a concern today. You no longer have to look for a practitioner discretely or use the back door due to the fear of what people will think of you when they see you walk in the doctor’s office. Today, various individuals, including top celebrities, share their before and after photos on social media, showing how their plastic surgery procedures have made them look better.

The increased screen time, selfies, and social media shares have given plastic surgery a showcase platform, transforming how people see it. Such exposure inspires confidence, and it has led to increased acceptance as others seek plastic surgery to regain their youthful and vibrant looks.

With its numerous advantages, plastic surgery will continue to thrive and help people gain much-needed confidence. All you have to do is settle for a professional and experienced plastic surgeon and enjoy the countless benefits.