Is your skin elastic but has started to show signs of aging? Hastime, sun exposure, gravity taken a toll on your skin? Do you look in the mirror and feel that you have lost that youthful glow?

This is the time when most of the people think about a facelift. They are so excited about getting their confidence and youthful spirit back that they miss out on some really interesting facts about the procedure.

Fact 1 –One Size Fits All? Not with Facelifts

Gone are the days when facelift was all about surgeons trimming off the excess skin of the face by simply stretching it back.

The way no two faces are alike, similarly no two facelifts are alike.

Today, surgeons personalize your surgery according to the exact anatomy of your skin and face.

The “wind tunnel” look is out and the repositioning of the deep structures is the in thing today. Now, they adjust the position of the facial features such as cheeks to the place where they were before the skin started to age.

Properly done, a facelift gives dramatic yet natural looking changes to your facial appearance as a whole. Given the state-of-the-art techniques, the surgery leaves your face with long-lasting results.

The results normally last for up to ten years where you get to enjoy youthful facial appearance that you had five to fifteen years earlier.

Fact 2 – Nothing is perfect, so aren’t facelifts!

People who have gone through facelifts are often surprised to learn that they were expecting more.

Generally, a facelift loose jaw lines, tighten jowls and adjust the sagging necks. It does not eliminate the surface layer imperfections that become visible on your face over the years. For instance, if your face shows fine lines and wrinkles, a facelift will not eliminate them.

If you want those gone, you may want to consider going to a skin specialist as a laser skin resurfacing might be able to help you with that.

These imperfections only include aging skin but also include fatty lower eyelids or sagging eyebrows. If you want to get rid of your sagging eyebrows, you may want to consider going for a Botox. Talking about the area under the eyes, surgeons usually add an eyelift to the facelift surgery so that the end result reflects complete facial harmony.

Fact 3 – Surgical vs Non-Surgical experts!

When considering facelifts, it is significant that you consult with an expert who specializes in both surgical and non-surgical techniques to revive the face. Why?

If you end up choosing the procedure that doesn’t fit your face’s anatomy, it usually isn’t dangerous but all your time and money investment goes in vain.

A facelift expert will be in a position to recommend the various treatments that your face requires in order to achieve your goals as well as meet your expectations. They can guide you about the proper recovery period as well.

Fact 4 – Stay Healthy to Maximize Results

The facelift surgery results usually last a decade.

It doesn’t mean that your face will stay the same for the period. The face will continue to age.

It has been seen that a patient with healthy diet, non-smoking habits reflects longer lasting results as compared to the one who goes back to an unhealthy lifestyle after surgery.

Fact 5 –Too Good To Be True? It usually is.

Marketing of products play very promising roles when it comes to convincing people. Same is the case with facelifts, you will see facelifts marketed with a promise of amazing results in a short duration of time.

There are times when you think logically and wonder that the statement seems too good to be true!

Well, it usually is.

On the outside the initial look after the surgery may seem to be good. But for the long term impact, if the facelift does not go deeper into the skin tissues, it is unlikely that it will deliver the long lasting result.

It gets very difficult for people to digest that fact since the price attached to the surgery is so high.

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