How To Get Rid of Acne At Home Easily


Get Rid of Acne

Home Remedies To get Rid Of Acne

A common skin disease mainly faced by the youngsters, Acne occurs during the puberty stage. It takes place when the adrenal glands (in females and males) produce male hormones that trigger life in the sebaceous (oil) glands. Let us not go into details in the form of its medical description, symptoms, causes, treatments, etc.; what we are looking for are remedies to get a clean, clear and healthy skin. Though it sounds quite easy, it is equally difficult to achieve, especially where acne-ridden skin is concerned.

You have tried out many medications but those have not yielded positive, long-lasting results. Why not try out certain home remedies for acne that have benefited many suffering from it?

  • Use Honey as a pack on the acne-affected areas it is a powerful antibacterial agent that is unprocessed. You can mix it with cinnamon powder for greater effect.
  • Use cinnamon pack on your face it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting agent, and excellent in repairing skin damages.
  • Use tomato pulp as a pack on regular basis the vitamins A, C, and K, along with lycopene, act as an excellent healing agent.
  • Cut a potato in halves, and rub one half very gently on the affected areas. On the other hand, grate the potato and use it (as you would use a facial mask) on the affected areas after you lie down. Either way, know that potatoes (contain vitamins C and D) not only help in eliminating acne, they also prevent wrinkles, brighten and lighten the skin which otherwise is affected by hyper-pigmentation. Use lukewarm water to wash it off.
  • Use cucumber as a mask to hydrate your skin (as it contains 95-96% water), which in turn clears the pores and removes dead cells. Cucumbers also help in removing excess oil from the skin, thereby moisturizing it. Just add little water to the grated cucumber and apply on the affected areas. Keep for some time and wash off with lukewarm water.
  • With excellent antifungal and antibiotic property, garlic has sulphur, calcium, zinc and allicin. Crush a piece or two, mix in little water to form a not-very-thick paste and apply on the affected areas. After some time, use lukewarm water to wash it off.
  • With the level of acidity high in lemon, squeeze out some juice and dab it on the affected areas with the help of cotton. It kills the bacteria and dries out the acnes. Not only an effective acne home treatment, regular use of lemon juice also clears the skin and brings a glow on it.
  • Mix water with apple cider vinegar, and apply the mixture on the affected areas as you would apply a toner. Adding water is a must to weaken/lighten the strong effect of raw vinegar. This vinegar acts as a detoxifying and exfoliating agent because of lactic and malic acids present in it.

For eliminating the scars, you can either dab coconut water (with the help of cotton) on the areas or apply a mixture of olive oil and salt, and washing the areas thereafter with lukewarm/warm water.

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