Lip Injections CostNowadays the desire to get fuller and plumper lips is more common. Most especially when you look at specific models on social-media and notice how beautiful their lips are. Previously there were invasive methods for getting a plumper pout. With the introduction of lip fillers, risks are negligible, and you can get back to your business immediately.

Sometimes having poorly defined lips or lips with irregular shapes can cause low self-esteem. The lip is a prominent part of the face. Therefore, the quest to define the contours of the lip has increased astronomically. The lips need to be balanced, symmetrical and in shape.

However, getting lip filler requires thorough research. It requires experts to enhance results and minimize side effects. Possibly you need answers to questions like “are lips filler painful?” or “do they have long term adverse effects?” This article will discuss lip fillers, the cost of lip augmentation and benefits.

What is a lip filler?

A lip filler is a substance that is injected into the lip to give it a fuller and plumper look. Lip fillers provide visible enhancement to the lips, define the contours and augment the lips. It is a cosmetic procedure that is non-surgical. Unlike implants, lip fillers are minimally invasive. Also, the cost of lip augmentation is relatively cheap in comparison with implants and other invasive cosmetic procedures. Lip fillers increase the volume of your lips and make it look as natural as possible.

What does a lip filler contain: Types of lip fillers

There are different types of lip fillers with the same constituent. Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler is the most common type that is used to create an immediate, and natural look on the lips.

However, it is a temporary lip augmentation, and the results wear off after a while.
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance located in the body. The function is to increase the volume of the lips. It works by pulling water into the site of injection thereby increasing the size. The consistency is smooth and gel-like. Going for permanent fillers might be tempting, but the side effects might be more.

HA fillers are common especially among women due to the following reasons:

  • Effects can be easily reversed. Do you not like the outcome? Just get rid of it. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that digests HA filler.
  • HA fillers have a lasting effect than other types of temporary fillers.
  • The effects of HA fillers produces a natural look.
  • This effect is because hyaluronic acid is a natural body constituent.
  • It gives a desirable shape
  • The side effects are minimal, and they usually disappear after a few days.
  • Anesthetic agents can be given alongside to minimize pain. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whether lip fillers are painful or not.
  • An allergic reaction is highly unlikely.

Asides Hyaluronic acid, another form of lip filler used is the collagen lip filler. Collagen fillers are not as common as HA fillers. Permanent silicone lip fillers are implants that are inserted into the lip. You can remove the silicone later. However, the cost of lip augmentation for durable silicone is more than that of temporary fillers.

When to consider lip augmentation

Lip fillers are a trend nowadays. Everybody is trying to get a plumper pout; therefore, it is easy to consider jumping on the trend. However, you have to make sure that you need one before you get one. Fuller lips look pretty on some people, but this is not the case for others.

When going for a lip filler, make sure you are sure about it.The cost of lip augmentation is not cheap. Therefore, getting something that would not look good is a waste of money.

Lip augmentation is for you if:

  • You have thin lips whether lower or upper lips.
  • Your lips are not correctly defined, and contour is not visible
  • Your lips are affecting your self-esteem
  • Your lip size is small for your face
  • You draw fuller lips with lipstick, and it looks good on you.

Is lip augmentation suitable for you?

Like earlier explained, do not follow the trend. Before undergoing lip augmentation, make sure you are in good health and a nonsmoker. Also, your dental health and hygiene are essential. Lip augmentation might not be suitable for you due to the following reasons:

  • You have systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Diabetes
  • Oral herpes
  • Allergic reaction to the filler or lignocaine
  • You are under 21 years of age

At most, make sure that you are medically examined by a medical aesthetician before you make any drastic moves. They will be able to adequately determine whether or not you are eligible for the procedure.

Pros of lip fillers

There are many reasons why people go for lip fillers. The benefits are numerous and long-lasting.

They include:

  • Lip fillers are very efficient in defining and shaping the lips
  • They reduce wrinkles around the skin of the lips and face
  • The procedure is a minimally invasive one, and it involves using a syringe. Hence, scarring does not occur.
  • Injecting lip fillers is a quick procedure done as an outpatient treatment.
  • They cause minimal pain because the injections are lightly inserted within the lips.
  • You notice results almost immediately. Rounder and fuller lips are visible after a few days
  • The recovery phase is fast. Getting back to your daily routine quickly is possible. You do not need to wait behind in the cosmetic spa after the procedure.
  • The effects of lip fillers are reversible.
  • Lastly, the procedure is a very safe one.

Cons of lip augmentation

Lip fillers do not come without disadvantages. However, they are not severe. Careful planning would help curb some of the drawbacks. One important drawback is that the results are temporary. Therefore, you need to get maintenance injections to keep the lip in its new shape. Consider redoing the procedure once the filler starts to wear off. Maintenance treatments mean that the cost of lip augmentation is high. Also, it could be time-consuming.

The effects are reversible. Therefore, failure to get  lip fillers at the right time will make changes visible to others. It is ideal to go for refilling treatments before the shape goes back to normal. There is a possibility of an allergic reaction to the hyaluronic acid. You can avoid this by discussing terms with your cosmetic injector and identifying if you are allergic or not.

Lip augmentation: Things to know before you go ahead

1.Prepare yourself: Even though lip augmentation is not a complete invasive procedure, you still have to prepare yourself. It is not 100% certain what the results would be. Preparing your mind will help you accept it and make modifications later.

2. Obsessing over a model’s lip is not good: Everyone is unique and what looks good on a model might not look good on you. Instagram models spend a lot of money on lip augmentation and are constantly in and out of cosmetic centres.

3.Select fillers based on input from a professional: If a friend is using a filler, you should not just try it out too. Consult an expert and see if it’s the best option for you. There are different brands to select from so do not restrict yourself.

4.The filler isn’t forever: This is something you know by now. With time, you might start noticing thin lips or wrinkled skin. You may have to get fillers again after a specific period to maintain the shape continuously. There is no side effect of stopping the use of lip fillers. You only get your old lips again.

5. For ladies, avoid booking before your period: Are lip fillers painful? Lip fillers cause minimal pain. However, scheduling the procedure close to your period could worsen the pain. Pain is subjective, and threshold differs between individuals.

Things to do before the procedure

When scheduling a lip augmentation procedure, ensure it’s on the weekend. The purpose is for you to get used to the new look and have the time to treat any side effects. However, it is not compulsory. Deciding to get a lip filler is just phase one of the process. There are certain things to be done before the procedure. First, you have to select and consult a cosmetic injector.

Although dermatologists and nurse practitioners can administer lip injections, it is essential to select a board-certified medical aesthetician. They are more knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to lip fillers. Also, you need to take a health history exam before getting the filler. This way, your medical aesthetician will be able to take notes of any allergy to the filler or the anesthetic agent.

Asides consultation, you should avoid exercising before the procedure. Also, avoid taking blood thinners like vitamin E. They can cause bleeding during the injection. Also, before the process, selecting the shape and appearance you desire is crucial. Selection would help the cosmetic injector to know the volume of lip fillers that is needed. The primary purpose of selecting before the procedure is to make sure your goal shape and size will fit you.

Most times, clients want to look like a celebrity with a different lip shape from theirs. Also, there is a need to clarify the cost of lip augmentation before the procedure.

What is the cost of lip augmentation?

Determining the cost of lip argumentation is essential. Lip augmentation is expensive, and there might be a need to plan financially for it. However, the cost of lip augmentation varies due to certain factors. The price ranges from $500- $2000. It is vital to confirm whether your medical insurance covers the cost of a lip filler. Factors that affect the cost of lip augmentation include:

  1. The number of fillers: The higher the number of filers, the more expensive it is. The volume and level of fullness you desire will determine the number of fillers. Also, fillers are priced based on the number of injections. Most people only need one or two fillers.2. The type of cosmetic hospital selected: Some cosmetic hospitals are top-rated. The high rating could be due to positive reviews from other clients. Scheduling an appointment is not very easy due to the high demands. Therefore, they tend to charge their clients more.3. Location: No doubt, location is a factor in the cost of lip augmentation. It is mostly true in places where everyone has gotten at least one lip filler. Because demand is higher than the supply, it gets more expensive.
  2. Level of experience of the cosmetic injector: Even though lip fillers only make use of injections, it is a professional task. Trying to cut costs by using individuals with little or no experience is harmful. Only experts in the field know what would fit you and how to go about it in the best possible way. As a result, professionals are more expensive. Getting certified and licensed professionals who understand the process and have experience is very vital and increases cost too.To ensure that you are getting a good result for the cost of lip augmentation, you should ask specific questions of your beauty care provider. You can ask for years of experience if they have insurance. Also, your medical aesthetician should be able to present you with before and after pictures of previous clients.

After you assess the level of expertise and reviews from different customers, you can be sure about which cosmetic hospital to use. You can confirm the cost via a consultation session. However, if the price is something you can’t afford, do not substitute with unreliable doctors or cosmetic injectors.

Lip augmentation procedure

The procedure is not a time consuming one. The average time is 20-35 minutes. However, it can take more time depending on what you want and the number of fillers. After the paperwork, the next thing is to start the procedure. Sometimes local anesthetic like lignocaine is injected first to numb the area. Other times a numbing cream or nerve block agents are used. Nerve blocks completely numb the lips and mouth.

The anesthetic agent is left for about 10-15 minutes to work. The next step is to inject the lip fillers at certain angles. The cosmetic injector will massage the injection site after each fill. The number of lip fillers is dependent on the volume and shape. After the cosmetic injector injects all the lip fillers, you might feel a slight tingling sensation. This answers the question, “Are lip fillers painful?”.

If you make use of experienced medical aestheticians, pain during the procedure should be as minimal as possible. Cutting corners or looking for discount doctors is not a significant step to take.

Things to expect after the procedure: Side effects

After getting a lip filler, you might begin to notice specific changes on the lips. Avoiding kissing and chewing hard food after the procedure to prevent more swelling and pain. However, 36 hours after injecting a lip filler, you should be able to wear lipsticks and lip glosses. Making sure there is no bruising at this stage is essential. Moisturizing gloss is better immediately after the procedure. Some lipsticks contain harmful ingredients that can cause further bruising.

Most times, the side effects are unavoidable. The good side is that they often clear on their own after a while. However, you might need to take mild analgesics to reduce pain. In majority of the cases, there is tenderness within the first 48 hours. Eventually, the local anesthetic wears off, and pain begins to set in. Your mouth and lips may be sore and swollen after the procedure.

Side effects can be minimal if the HA filler is used and administered by a talented cosmetic injector. The side effects should not stop the activities of your daily routine.  Asides swelling, redness, tingling sensation. Some severe side effects can also occur including:

  • Swelling for more than a week: Swelling of the lips should not be for more than 72 hours. If swelling persists for more than three days, consult your doctor.
  • Necrosis: This is as a result of injecting the filler into a blood vessel. This leads to a chain reaction that causes tissue death. Most times, it occurs slowly, so necrotic symptoms are not visible at first. It is a rare side effect.
  • Infection: This may be due to the introduction of foreign substances into the tissue. Viable signs of infection include fever, headache, and pain. Therefore, if you feel pain after 48 hours, consult your doctor. The pain associated with a lip filler is minimal and temporary.
  • Asymmetry of the lips is not uncommon. However, it is a call for concern
  • Allergic reactions may cause further swelling, itching, and redness.
  • Lumps, Ulceration, and scarring

After the side effects subside, you can go ahead and use brighter lipstick colors. Also, remember that lining your lips makes it even plumper.

How long does a lip filler last?

Generally, lip fillers last for three to six months. However, it varies depending on the individual. The body contains enzymes that break down the lip fillers. Therefore, after a while, the substances are metabolized. Thinner people metabolize the substance faster and quicker and need replacements sooner rather than later. It also depends on your age and the type of brand used. All brands have hyaluronic acid as a constituent.

However, each brand differs with the concentration of HA in the lip filler. Some brands are more reliable than others. Depending on these factors, some lip fillers can last for as long as six months before replacement is needed.

To conclude, lip fillers help to give lips more shape and symmetry. However, they need to be maintained as they are temporary. Most times, 2-3 times in a year would suffice.