539244883 - Top 5 Natural Facial Masks: Worry about your face no more!

Stress this is one of the worst enemies anyone could ever have. It does not only kill the spirit but the physical body as well. When someone is too worked up and feeling low, it always shows, especially in the face.

This is why a lot of people try to improve their skin care routine. There are a ton of different beauty products that promise good results out there. You only need to go to the nearest grocery store or drugstore to find the ones that suit your preferences. Moisturizing, peeling, whitening—name it, and your store sure has it!

Unfortunately, though, beautifying with these products can cost you a fortune. There are cheap ones, yes, but of course you would want only the best brands. And the ones that are effective are costly.

This becomes a reason for many people to neglect taking care of their faces. They do not like the idea of spending too much on “vanity.”

I would understand if you feel this way towards beautifying yourself. Sometimes, I do feel a little guilty when I purchase stuff that I know I could live without. But recently, I have learned one of the best ways for me to balance things out. I have discovered how to take care of my skin without having to waste “moolah.”

I am talking about going natural. Yes, you read that right. By going natural, I mean using fresh and natural ingredients that you can easily find at home. Can this work in replacement of the beauty products? Of course! I found that there is good eBook about acne treatment method called Acne No More, read this acne no more review to learn more.”

529692304 - Top 5 Natural Facial Masks: Worry about your face no more!

The Truth about Natural Produce

Let me tell you something about your kitchen. It has everything you need for the facial care routine you have always wanted! You just have to be knowledgeable of the components of the stuff and understand how they will affect your skin. In other words, it only takes a bit of research.

Take fruits and vegetables for instance. We all know that fruits and vegetables are healthy for us. Even as kids we have learned that we should eat them to have a balanced diet. However, most people do not realize that these foods can also be good for us even when not eaten.

You can boil them or mash them and apply them onto your face. You will be surprised to realize how soothing they can be.

Not only that. Even condiments like vinegar or mayonnaise can help you. Now I know it sounds a little odd considering the smell and the taste. But these condiments contain the same chemicals that the beauty products in the market have.

Let me reiterate, though, that although they could help, you still have to observe caution. You cannot just use everything that you see on your countertop by guessing. Careful research has to be done, especially when you have sensitive skin.

So how do we know which ones match the others and what are the ways to apply them? Do you want to know the basics of beautifying your face DIY style? Here are top 5 natural facial masks which are good for sensitive skin.

531270550 - Top 5 Natural Facial Masks: Worry about your face no more!

Top 5 Natural DIY Facial Masks

  • Red Wine Mask

I am pretty sure that wine is a staple in your kitchen. If you have an entire cellar, you can choose the most expensive bottle if that helps you feel comfortable. The “recipe” for this mask will need some grapeseed oil and oat flour. The latter ingredients can easily be found in supermarkets.

You only have to combine all three and apply them to your face. After letting it set, rinse it out with water. You will certainly feel refreshed after. And then you can still drink whatever is left in that bottle.

According to realsimple.com, red wine has a resveratrol, an antioxidant that helps smoothen your wrinkles. It tries to repair the breaks in your skin caused by exposure to the sun.

  • Strawberry Mask

With this, you will need a couple of fresh strawberries, bee pollen and raw honey, mayonnaise and lavender essential oil. As you notice, all these ingredients are organic. What we want is for everything to be natural and healthy.

According to the same source, strawberries contain acids that help exfoliate the skin. These acids help hydrate the skin to show its natural color. So if you feel like you have lost that “glow,” then this will help you get it back.

Again, you only have to combine everything and let it set for a good 20 minutes. And then you rinse it with water. The raw honey will deeply penetrate the skin, giving out a little tingling feel.

  • Beer and Egg White Mask

Yes, you are reading this correctly! Beer contains vitamin B and others that help the skin glow even brighter. You will also need egg whites to make it work. Just pouring the beer on your face alone will not make it set.

The recipe suggests that you also add a few teaspoons of lime juice. According to the article, this will help clean the pores because of its natural vitamin C.

This works by combining all three and applying it on your face. After 10 minutes, you can rinse it out with water and feel your skin exfoliated.

  • Spirulina, Banana, and Lemon Mask

This one is a bit more complicated as you will have to find spirulina powder. They have it in the big supermarkets, but maybe not in all local stores. But if you can find one, you only have to combine it with ripe banana and some lemon juice.

This mask will help tighten your pores, so they do not look like holes when you stare at them. Spirulina is antibacterial and can help clear your face of wrinkles and fine lines. Ten to twenty minutes of the combined mixture on your face will be enough.

  • Clamshell Facial

Now, this is not as odd as the idea sounds. It is simple. You only need to put the clam shells on ice and then put them on your face.

Clam shells hold cold temperature longer than others and can help refresh your skin and reduce puffiness. This helps your eye bags and other embossed parts of your face look thinner and normal.

So there you have it! Try these out and see the results for yourself. Worry about purchasing expensive beauty products or paying for costly beauty services no more!

523473700 - Top 5 Natural Facial Masks: Worry about your face no more!

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