Home Remedies for Removing Tonsil Stones

Learn how to get rid of your tonsil stones without having to visit a doctor.


Now even though you aren’t likely to notice the presence of tonsil stones, they can cause discomfort, or even pain, for some people. Even if the stones aren’t all that big.

As they develop they put a lot of pressure on the gums and tonsils, which is how they cause the associated symptoms. So because of this it seems obvious that the best way to aid these symptoms is to remove the tonsil stones.

Which is exactly what you should be doing.

Now if you’re not very knowledgeable of tonsil stones then you need not worry. Just because they are found at the back of your throat doesn’t mean you need to make a trip to your doctor. You can easily get rid of tonsil stones at home.


This is easily the most basic method in this post and if you have a sensitive gag reflex then it’ll probably be the best one for you.

Depending on how your tonsil stones are positioned, coughing can be sufficient enough to shake them out of place. Provided you cough vigorously enough (however be careful you don’t overdo it and hurt yourself – trust me it’s possible).

I would make sure you do this at home and nowhere else. If you start coughing like mad at work then your colleagues might start thinking there’s something wrong with you.

Tonsil stones after all they aren’t the nicest things to be infected by so you’ll probably want to keep it on the down low. However if you want to tell people about it then feel free.

After you’ve dislodged the stones, wash out your tonsils with some clean water and brush your teeth. This makes sure you get rid of any bacteria left behind from the stones.

Using Q-tip

I’m sure most of you have these sitting around somewhere in your house so I’m sure you all will be able to try it.

What you do is wet the end of a Q-tip and put pressure on the tonsil stones to push them out of place. It’s pretty simple so it shouldn’t take too much effort.

After removing the stone, wash out your mouth with clean water and brush your teeth for the same reasons as above.

Using your Toothbrush

In a similar manner to using Q-tips, you can push the tonsil stones out with your toothbrush. And thanks to their brittles they can make your efforts a little more effective. If you position them right, they can get into the crypts of your tonsils and underneath the stones.

Making for an extremely effective removal.

Again, make sure you clean out your mouth and brush your teeth – I suggest you don’t use the same toothbrush as it’ll be filled with bacteria!

Also this method is even easier with an electric toothbrush. The vibration helps jiggle the from side to side making them more likely to fall out of place.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gargle 

There have been many health benefits attributed to the consumption of apple cider vinegar, such as reducing blood sugar spikes, lowering blood pressure and many more. But it’s its polyphenol and probiotic content which we are concerned with here.

Thanks to these, ACV is very effective at fighting off and killing any bad bacteria and fungi which are found within your mouth. They are a contributing factor (and a big one at that) to the growth of tonsil stones, making their extermination all the more important.

ACV has also been shown to help break down and dissolve any existing tonsil stones you have. So not only does ACV help prevent their growth but it also helps get rid of them too.

However this could just be the act of gargling the ACV that helps dislodge tonsil stones and not actually the ACV itself. But either way, it still works so who really cares about the specifics.

In a glass mix together 1-2 tablespoons of ACV with 8 ounces of clean water. Take a sip, tilt your head back and begin gargling – this will help the water reach your tonsils.

After about 15 seconds, spit the mixture out and repeat with the rest of the glass.

Again make sure you clean out your mouth afterwards.


If this is the first time you’ve heard of any of these methods (or all of them) then don’t feel obligated to do them all. You just need to pick one for now and work it into your everyday.

That’s how you get the best results.

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