It’s an undeniable truth that social media plays a crucial role in our lives. From documenting our day to day lives to being essential for work in some cases, our reliance on social media is equal parts outstanding and dangerous. Missing just one day of social media could lead to missing out on a lot of essential notifications and updates not only for your social circles but also in your work circles. But this addiction to social media comes at a price, the vulnerability to EMFs; this sneaking danger is the cause of multiple illnesses that we are unaware of because they are silent killers that slowly affect us inside.

Social media today

Social media is no longer just used as a means for connecting people; it’s also become a viable platform for business to grow and expand its reach and markets. Every well-known brand uses at least two or three of the juggernauts of social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (LinkedIn comes a close fourth for business contributors and potential employees and sponsors).

What is EMF?

EMFs, commonly known as Electromagnetic Fields are the result of electronic devices being introduced to the environment. They can be caused by low frequencies such as those emitted by phones and other weaker devices, or powerful transmitters such as cell towers and even hospital devices such as X-ray and MRI machines. Their presence in the environment has led to the importance of EMF protection, as humans are vulnerable to the disruptive fields that these devices emit, which could lead to various symptoms and illnesses such as fatigue, migraine, and eventual cellular degeneration in the body.

How to protect ourselves?

Though it’s impossible to stay away from technology completely, there’s more than one way to defend yourself from EMFs.

  1. Limiting the sources. The term electropollution is the oversaturation of electromagnetic frequencies in our environment. If you live in a home that’s populated by some devices, then it’s time to start cutting back on your devices and focusing on just your essentials.
  2. Wired connections. If you’re not too fond of losing your devices, then there is also an alternative. Wi-fi connections interact by communicating between the device and the router, which is a back and forth of signals and magnetic fields. Keeping your devices wired, however, will work to lessen your exposure to these fields by having them contained through ethernet links.
  3. Getting shielded. Though technology is growing at a faster rate now than ever, there are also technologies to combat the effects of EMFs. Radiations shields can be small compact devices that offer significant protection from EMFs whether in your own home or when you’re on the go. Going through a website on the internet which provides EMF protection products can help you learn more about how to keep yourself safe from EMFs.