Keeping Positive Mental Health During The Pandemic



  1. Finding a nice distraction – Increasingly in the digital world many of us are turning to the digital world to find a little escapism and that has become more apparent during the pandemic too – a growing surge of players are starting to use mobile gaming as their form of distraction to lift their mood and stay positive, online casinos have been a boon for many as a small win has done wonders for many, despite changes to initiatives such as Gamstop which had reduced participation options for many, a growing number on aren’t registered to this initiative for players. There are also online streaming services for movies and TV shows that many turn to as well, and with the recent release of Disney+ back in March, many have turned to old classics to help them out during this trying time.


  1. Reading a book – Book reading has been another method many have used over the years for relaxing and clearing their mind, and during lockdown book sales have actually seen a huge increase with some markets seeing upwards of a 60% increase in sales – whatever your interest may be in fantasy, adventure, crime, or any of the many other genres there’s plenty to capture your attention and with the releases of many audiobooks recently too if you’re not much a fan of a classic paper or hardback,there are solutions for you too.
  2. Get a little creative – Many are also turning to DIY or other creative outlets to keep positive mental health – whether this just for recreation and fun, or the others who are using their crafty ability to get a little extra pocket money, this very relaxing pastime is great with the extra free time afforded as we’re stuck at home – if it isn’t something  you’ve tried before, now may also be the perfect time to pick up a new skill and find a hobby that can calm you down and keep you comfortable.


There will certainly be a lot of eyes looking at the mental health impact on many during this pandemic as we have seen both the good and the bad that has come from it, and there are many who many suffer from health issues following as the return to work and day to day life quickly returns – but there is an opportunity to do as much as possible to stay positive and enjoy this period of time, it’s just about finding what works for you.