Shaving and waxing were perhaps the most widely used hair removal procedure since long until a few years ago laser hair removal techniques made its appearance. Nowadays, more and more women are turning to laser hair removal procedures that seem to have outplayed other methods of hair removal. Waxing if partially effective because it requires frequent repetition which takes time and even costs money if you choose not to do it by yourself. You could see the tiny black spots of hair growing just within 3 days of undergoing waxing procedure. On the contrary, laser hair removal Ithaca is a permanent solution because it does not require repetitive treatments. Do it once, and you are relieved from unsightly hair on the exposed body parts, legs, and arms as well as armpits and face.

How laser removes hair

Laser rays comprising of highly concentrated light rays emitted from a laser gunpoint to the hair follicles and fall upon it. The pulses of laser beam act on the pigment in the follicles that absorb the light and destroys hair. It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures in the US. The procedure is generally applicable almost to everyone with only a few exceptions, which makes the procedure of permanent hair removal quite popular. According to the American Society for Dermatological Surgery, in the year 2011 alone, the last time of data collection, half a million treatments had been performed.

Avoid DIY methods

A number of at-home laser treatments are now available that seems apparently attractive, but the consequences might not be encouraging. These laser systems are less powerful than the instruments used by doctors and professional dermatologists that can lead to its misuse by untrained people. It happens that when using it at home people tend to become more aggressive with themselves as they want to do it faster and want better results by applying too many pulses in sensitive areas that can do more harm than good. Unless you are aware of the consequences, the risks of health damage are quite high.

6 cycles in 6 months

A typical laser hair removal treatment comprises of at least 6 sessions, almost a month apart to ensure permanent hair removal. That is necessary to match with the cycle of hair growth so that all hair that is visible and even the dormant ones that are likely to grow soon are removed in the process. Growth phase, resting phase and fallout phase are the components of a hair growth cycle. When conducting the treatment, some hair would be in the resting phase hence remain out of reach of the laser beam. To make every hair respond to the treatment regardless of its phase, it is necessary to conduct multiple sessions.

The laser hair removal is speedy and applying it on the upper lips can take under a minute for completion. The procedure attacks hairs only and does not damage the skin. Most importantly, it is a permanent process with no recurrent hair growth at the same place.