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What Are the Most Common Workplace Injuries?

Workplace injuries occur often, and they can happen at any time if you do not take the necessary precautions. It is your employer’s responsibility to create a safe working environment for you and your colleagues. However, you also have a responsibility to take precautions when you are at work. Here are the top injuries that employees sustain at the workplace:

Exercising During Pregnancy: The Risks You Need to Know

Is exercising during pregnancy really advantageous, or simply more dangerous for expectant mothers and their children? Here are the risks, benefits and tips you need to know.

Top 5 Benefits of Orthotic Foot Insoles – The answer to footcare!

Anything that injures our feet affects our ability to move swiftly and affects our performance as well. Orthotics, otherwise commonly known as foot insoles are becoming increasingly popular to lower back pain relief and improving overall foot care.

A Look at the Real Benefits of Regular Checkups with Your Dentist

Most of us are understandably queasy and uneasy about the thought of visiting a dentist, and this is something that we can’t really help.

How Botox is Being Used for So Much More than Wrinkles

This is a guest post, courtesy of Dr. Craig Crippen from DermMedica. Botox injections are best known as a treatment for reducing wrinkles. However, ever since Botox was first approved as a legitimate drug three decades ago, further research and studies have revealed that it can be used to treat other conditions. Here are just some of the new ways that Botox is being used to bring relief to more people than ever before… Decreasing Migraines Symptoms Around 20 years ago, doctors who administered Botox treatments for wrinkles started noticing that their clients reported fewer headaches and less painful migraines. ... Read more

How Does Cognitive Function Change With Age?

By 2020, there will be over 88.5 million Americans over the age of 65, double the number that there were in 2010. As the elderly population grows, research is seeking to further understand how cognitive function changes with age. While dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and mild cognitive impairment are fairly common within the elderly community, even people without these disorders experience changes in cognitive function as they get older. It is important to understand how these changes affect the elderly in their day-to-day lives, while preventing cognitive aging as much as possible. The biggest risk factor for cognitive decline is aging: ... Read more

5 Most Important Reasons to Choose Mumbai for your Hair Transplant

This page will explain why you should opt hair transplant in Mumbai.

Plastic Surgery for Liposuction: Safe or Not

As the exposure to social media has increased, there is an obsession to look good amongst people of all age groups. Those who are overweight look for shortcuts to achieve speedy and effective results. After all, who has the patience and determination to diet and exercise for months when a plastic surgery can bring instant results! Yes, the procedure called liposuction has revolutionized the concept of body contouring with the miraculous results it brings.  Let’s understand the procedure in detail. All About Liposuction Liposuction is a special kind of plastic surgery which involves the removal of extra fat from the ... Read more

Healthier Pathways: What Makes Vaping a Better Choice for Your Health?

Millions of people are making the switch from smoking cigarettes to electronic vaping devices. Sometimes considered e-cigarettes, these devices use electricity to produce a vapor you inhale instead of combustible smoke from typical cigarettes. There are a variety of options ranging from tiny vaping devices that look and feel like a cigarette to larger devices that can be filled with a desired e-liquid flavor. Despite the gaining popularity, many smokers are still reluctant to give vaping a try. For those still on the fence, here is some information to know: How Vaping Works Most e-cigarettes have a replaceable inhaler cartridge ... Read more

5 Signs of Aging You Can Blame on Bad Sun Habits

One of the biggest sources of skin damage and conditions associated with aging is from exposure to the sun. If you want to keep your skin healthy, taut and glowing for as long as possible then you had better be prepared when you go outside in the sun. Using the right sunscreen, applying it at proper intervals, covering your skin with clothing, or using things like hats, umbrellas or natural sources of shade are crucial to protect your skin. Here are 5 signs on your skin that will show you that you have bad sun habits. Photoaging Also known as ... Read more

5 Surprising Habits Which Give You Premature Wrinkles

How you live has a major impact on your skin, even if you are following the best skincare regime to the letter. Keeping your skin healthy and wrinkle free is a tough job, mainly because it is easy to make a lot of mistakes without even knowing it. Here are some unexpected things which promote the apparition of wrinkles. The sooner you know about them, the sooner you can avoid them. City life The busy city life can quickly damage your skin and promote wrinkles. Most people who need to undergo skin rejuvenation techniques are city dwellers. This is because ... Read more

How to choose the best night cream for oily skin

When it comes to oily skin, women do their best to get rid of the unpleasant grease and dirt that always seems to appear heavily on their faces. This is the skin type that requires regular cleansing in order to look shiny and clean.  It’s usually recommended to choose face creams according to your skin type, and if yours is oily then this article is special for you. Find out which are the best night creams for oily skin and make the right choice from now on! Night creams are actually as important as any day cream. Additional attention is ... Read more