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The Hidden Link Between Vitamin C and Hair Growth

Everyone knows vitamin C is good for you. It keeps your skin and nails healthy, and can help you fight off a cold. But what does it do for your hair?

What Is Mederma Scar Cream & How Does it Work to Make Scars Less Noticeable

Scar Sometimes, there is nothing more traumatizing than a scar. It can be worse than the event that caused it, especially if it occurs on your face or in some visible spot. It can change how you look forever. There are a lot of companies out there that sell products meant to help reduce the look of scars and help wounds to better heal. And, one of them is Mederma. What is Mederma? Mederma is an over the counter medicated cream that is meant to help treat scars. You can actually buy it in both gel and cream form. In ... Read more

How Massage can Improve your Overall Health

Ready to experience a Massage? Eager to know about the overall benefits you gain when taking this Massage? Then here you go!

Brittle Bones: Caring for a Loved One with Osteoporosis

  Osteoporosis is the condition where a person’s bones have lost density. The word means “porous bone,” and for good reason: there is more open space within the bone, making it much weaker and more brittle. People with severe osteoporosis can break bones in a fall, or fracture them from a sneeze or strong bump, and it’s difficult for this damage to heal. Nearly 30 percent of those over 65 have osteoporosis of the spine. If you’re living with someone who suffers from this problem, here are some things you can do to make their lives easier. Don’t Smoke Smoking ... Read more

4 Quick & Safe Ways To Get Perfect Nails

Getting perfect nails is no easy task. And it can also be dangerous – if you expose your nails to risks then you could end up with a nail infection, brittle nails, or nails that grow weak and split. The best way to get perfect nails over the long term is to protect and look after your nails, while finding strategies that make your nails look good on a daily basis. Here are some safe ideas for beautiful-looking nails that last.   Choose a Safe Nail Salon Unfortunately many nail salons are breeding grounds for germs and you could end ... Read more

What Causes Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder in which affected individuals experience mild to moderate physical and mental developmental disabilities. It is the most common genetic condition, affecting roughly 6,000 births in the United States each year. Risk Factors Associated With Down Syndrome Some individuals have a higher risk of giving birth to a child with Down syndrome. Some of the risk factors include: ●  Maternal age of 35 years and older ●  Previously having a child diagnosed with Down syndrome ●  Carrying a genetic translocation for Down syndrome If you believe that you are at risk of having a child ... Read more

5 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon before Your Cosmetic Surgery

5 questions that you should definitely consider asking your surgeon which are as-

What You Need To Know About Getting Lip Implants

Today, more and more women desire those luscious lips. Unfortunately, your lips aren’t like your arms or abs, you simply can’t work them out to make them look better. The only way to achieve that desired look that you want is by undergoing cosmetic surgery. Of course, this isn’t for everyone, but you might be surprised to learn that lip cosmetics is one of the most searched about topics on Google. It is true that lip implants have gotten a bad name over the years, but this is mostly due to celebrities taking their lip sizes way beyond anything that ... Read more

Beauty Tips For Keeping Your Skin In Immaculate Condition

As you should already realize, your skin plays a vital role in your overall appearance. If something happens to your skin and it begins to develop a lot of blemishes, there is a good chance that you’re going to become very concerned about the condition of your skin. In return, this will cause you to feel depressed and self-conscious. This is why it is absolutely pertinent to keep your skin in immaculate condition at all times. Within this guide, you will learn how to keep your skin in great condition, so you can feel comfortable about your appearance. Wash And ... Read more

IdentifyingYour Unique Skin Type in Order to Find the Right Neck Cream

By identifying the unique qualities of your skin, you are able to confidently move to the next step, which is going into the market and comparing neck creams.

5 Simple Treatments For Sensitive Eyes

An article talking about various eye ailments and how to cope with them.

Dental Dangers

Dental care is extremely important for a healthy mouth and a glistening smile. Read on to hear about four common tooth issues and how to fix them.