Questions to Ask Your Doctor After Having a Cancer Diagnosis



Questions to Ask Your Doctor After Having a Cancer Diagnosis

No one wants to hear the terrible news of a cancer diagnosis. It seems like a death sentence and impossible to deal with. You might even freak out as soon as you receive a diagnosis. Before you reach that stage, you have to calm yourself down. Instead of panicking, you can ask your doctor these questions.

What kind of cancer do I have?

You need to know what type of cancer you have. Some are easier to treat than others. Removing the affected portions could also lead you to remission. Again, it depends on the nature of the cancer cells. Understanding it would be helpful.

Are the cancer cells rapidly spreading?

You also have to understand the spread of cancer cells in your body. Some tests will reveal the extent to which the cells are spreading. If they’re not too aggressive, there’s still a chance that you can recover from it. However, if the cells are rapidly moving, it could lead to other forms of cancer. You might have to decide to take some of the most drastic measures as your physician would recommend.

What is the chance of recovery?

It’s difficult to ask this question, especially if you know that the answer is negative. However, you have to be clear about it right from the start. Understanding the chances of recovery will help you decide the next steps. For some patients, it’s all about doing the best treatment as soon as possible. For some, it’s about making the most of whatever time they have in this world.

What are the treatment details?

If you wish to find out more about what you will go through as a cancer patient, you can also ask about it. The treatment details are intricate and challenging to understand. You will be aware of the changes in your body when you undergo these treatments. If presented with options, you will also know the best choice if you understand the pros and cons.

What are the chances of my family members getting it?

Even if you’re already suffering due to the disease, your priority might still be the welfare of the people you love. Therefore, it’s good to ask if any of your family members have a chance of getting the disease. If yes, you need to inform them about it. Regular checks and lifestyle changes might also be necessary.

Do I need more tests or procedures?

It will help if you know if there are additional tests that you need to have conclusive results. You can even ask for a second opinion if you doubt the diagnosis given by your doctor.

After getting the responses to these questions, the next step is to look for a support group. It would help if you had people who understand what you’re going through. You don’t want to place your family under too much burden. Therefore, find a way to vent out your feelings to others. A support group would be there to help you process how you feel. You can consider getting a cancer app that provides you with the support you need as you embark on this journey.


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