When Do You Really Need a Root Canal Treatment?


Each year many people experience tooth pain and are unaware that they need root canal treatment. The goal behind this type of treatment is being able to successfully save the troubled tooth. There are a number of symptoms that sufferers face when this issue arises. Extreme pain and the feeling of pressure in the area are two examples of these. Sensitive and swollen gums also fit into this category. Those experiencing these symptoms are likely to look for the right dental practice to get assistance.

Cove Dental Huntsville offers those with root canal needs an opportunity to relieve their pain. These professionals can address this and other tooth issues. Experiencing symptoms alone doesn’t prove that you must have this treatment. An experienced dentist will be able to determine when this procedure is necessary. They will also be able to perform this specialize treatment for you. Let’s take a look at some of the key details of root canal treatment.

  • Saving the Tooth
    Tooth decay is commonly the culprit behind the need for a root canal. Teeth can become damaged and cracked because of this decay. Pain in and surrounding the tooth is a clue that many patients experience. Your dentist will try to salvage the tooth altogether by performing this procedure. Often it is also necessary for other repair steps to be done during this treatment. Each specific case is going to be different depending on how severe the patients’ condition happens to be.
  • Performing the Procedure
    Generally, the pulp of the tooth is removed during root canal treatment. It is commonly necessary for the nerve of the tooth to be removed, as well. The next part of this procedure involves a cleaning process. The dentist will perform cleaning and disinfection techniques at this point. The tooth will then need to be sealed to prevent further damage. Some root canal patients will have fillings done to seal these teeth. In other instances, a crown is the alternative that will be used for this dental process.
  • Recovering from Treatment
    Patients undergoing a root canal must also consider their recovery period. It is not likely that the affected area will feel normal. Most people experience soreness and sensitivity after their procedure has been performed. Your dentist will help you prepare for this time. Natural healing will occur over time after root canal. Over-the-counter pain medications are normally all that is needed for discomfort. A follow-up visit may be scheduled for your dentist to insure the full recovery of the tooth.
    Scheduling an initial consultation with a dentist is important. This is the time to learn if root canal treatment is in your future. It is also the perfect time to ask questions about the process. Once you’ve had this consultation, you can schedule the procedure. The recovery time may vary per each patient. The pain you’ve experienced will finally be relieved. Patients feel real confidence knowing that their teeth are healthy and have been saved.
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