How to Reduce Age Spots and Discoloration


How to Reduce Age Spots and Discoloration

The human skin undergoes changes because of aging. Age spots and discolorations occur on the face, hands and other parts of the body when the melanin in the skin starts increasing in a sporadic manner. Lack of moisture in the skin, excessive ultraviolet rays from the sunlight and medications taken for different ailments exacerbate these changes in the skin. In order to get rid of the age spots and other similar discolorations, one has to reduce the factors that contribute to these changes and the permanence of these spots in the epidermis. Here are some steps that people can take to accomplish this goal:

  1. Consult your doctor and request them to change the medications that are known to cause or worsen the age spots and discoloration of skin. In case there are no alternatives, you should complete the treatment or medication course and then begin the age spot reduction process.
  2. Whenever venturing outdoors, don’t forget to wear a top with sleeves, a hat, sunscreen and other cover ups. Discolorations, age spots and even the risk of skin cancer are increased because of the ultraviolet rays.
  3. Vitamins should be taken daily and plenty of water should be consumed for reducing discoloration naturally. The skin undergoes rapid regrowth with the aid of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and glycolic acid and this means that the age-spotted epidermis will shed at a faster rate than usual. The body and skin also remains moisturized when people drink lots of water on a daily basis and this also encourages rejuvenation of the epidermis.
  4. Remove the spotted epidermis with the help of a skin peel. In a few days or weeks, the epidermis will shed the discolored area if chemical peels such as laser spot removal and cryotherapy are used. In comparison, the natural shedding of the skin takes months or even longer. Over-the-counter skin scrubs can be used for performing the peel at home.
  5. A skin doctor can also be asked to give prescription medication that would be immensely helpful in speeding up the skin discoloration reduction. An example is a medicine that contains Ruminix. The melanin production in the skin is inhibited by the drug and the impact of discolorations can be reduced in this manner even before they begin.
  6. Cover up should be applied. It is quite easy for people to find over the counter concealers, which are accessible in the makeup section of a pharmacy. These can be used for reducing the aging spots and discoloration temporarily. For a few hours, these spots and discolorations will become invisible. Later, the concealer can be applied again if they need to be hidden for long.
  7. Spray tan appointments should be used instead of regular tanning bed sessions. The skin becomes exposed to UV lights in tanning beds and this can give rise to age spots and discoloration. In contrast, spray tanning is a good alternative.

With these steps, people can get rid of the unsightly spots and skin discoloration easily.

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