There are certain things that people do every day, which leads to skin damage. Such common mistakes may not appear like a big deal. After some time, your skin will start experiencing the damage, which might lead to premature ageing. However, it is never too late. You can do some adjustments to your life, and restore your skin to a healthy state. Here are things that you need to avoid to save your skin.

1. Over-exposure to the Sun

Sunbathing feels great. However, it should not be overdone. Over-exposure to solar radiation destroys collagen and elastin fibers. The skin is made of delicate strands of protein. These fibers of elastin and collagen keep the skin smooth, soft and supple.

Too much exposure to the sun or tanning will destroy these important molecules. Too much sunbathing can also lead to damage of the skin’s DNA, something that might lead to skin cancer much later in life. This leads to age spots and trifecta of wrinkles.

If you intend to spend a significant amount of time in the sun, apply a broad-spectrum sunblock. After a day spent on the beach, treat your face with anti-ageing oil before bedtime, to lock in moisture during throughout the night.

2. Over cleansing the skin

There is some misconception out there that the more you cleanse your skin, the more you will appear beautiful. With that in mind, some people go ahead to undertake aggressive brushing of the skin, over-scrubbing and excessive use of skin care products. However, when this is done in excess, the skin is stripped of its natural oils, which are needed to maintain a luminous and supple look.

Exfoliating some few days within the week is okay to maintain brightness. However, doing it every day will only destroy your skin in the long term. Ensure that you always moisturize, once you wash your skin. If your skin is sensitive, you should make sure that you get the right makeup products. If a certain product works for your friend, it does not mean it will work for you. Know your skin and use the right makeup products.

3. Consuming Sugary Foods

All those high fructose junk foods and sports drinks should be eliminated from your diet. These same sugars lead to weight gain and are concealed in many diet products. Refined sugars contribute to glycation of human tissues. In short, they make your skin molecules more brittle. Once the blood vessels and the skin are filled with sugar, they break down easily, age more rapidly and become very ineffective in protecting the rest of the body.

Instead of consuming sugary foods, you should consume more anti-ageing foods such as greek yoghurt, kale, olive oil, white fish, passion fruit and almonds, among others. Such foods are loaded with natural anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants.

4. Sleeping Less

When you are sleeping, the skin and the body take this time to restore, soothe and heal. Whenever you fail to sleep, it will always show on your skin, especially your face. Dark circles appear below the eyelids as well as the skin becoming shallow. Therefore, it is very important to allow our skin cells enough time to rest and relax.

If you are aged below 60, then you need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. Therefore, if you want to maintain a glowing and healthy skin, have a relaxing nighttime regimen, which reduces stress. Light evening exercise, chamomile tea, an early meal or candle light, will all ensure a good rest at night.

5. Dehydration

The human body is like a sponge. If your dip a dry sponge in water, it softens up immediately, and comes to life. Water is needed to maintain cellular functions, in all our body tissues, with the skin included.

Once the skin has been dehydrated, it loses its resilience, thus making it to appear tired and older. Therefore, if you consume sufficient amount of water, you will feel and look better. Drink water throughout the day, to keep your skin hydrated. Your eyes will also look bright while your joints and muscles will feel better.

6. Bottom Line

The skin is our first line of defense. Therefore, we should give it proper care and treatment. A simple lifestyle adjustment is enough to give you tons of benefits, in the form of a healthy skin. This will save you huge costs and expenses in the future, needed to rectify a damaged skin.

Have a happy and a prosperous day!