When it comes to makeup trends, there is always a new one every other month. Just like you maintain and decorate a room in your house to enhance its features and appearance, you apply makeup to put or remove the emphasis on your facial features.

Eyebrows are the first and most important thing that is very much visible on our faces, and they are also that one feature that has experienced several trends. From over-plucked to bushy to even no-eyebrow look, the world has witnessed many weird trends.

The good part is that changing the appearance of your eyebrows can help you change your entire look, as it is said that on our face, the MVPs are our eyebrows. A thick set of eyebrows enables you to frame your beautiful eyes and provides structure to your face while helping your makeup to look a lot better.

We all know that not every one of us is born with perfectly shaped eyebrows, but the good news is that it is possible to change the look of this facial feature if you know how to do it the right way.  With the right advice and the right tools, you can change your eyebrows entirely. If you have no time to go shopping and pick products, you can buy eyebrow makeup online at low prices and master the art of eyebrow makeup.

The internet is full of tips and tutorials on how to perfectly shape your brows and fill them in an expert’s way. Though it is a fact that brows are not the same at all. But there are still some mistakes that ruin your brows’ appearance, and they are too common. It is harder to figure out if you are doing right by your eyebrows or not. And that is why learning the basics to do your eyebrow makeup perfectly is an added skill.

Here are some amazing things that will you must know about eyebrow makeup.

Not Every Eyebrow Shape Will Complement Your Face

The thing with eyebrows is that each shape looks different on every face. So if a shape lifts your best friend’s facial features, there is no guarantee that it will work the same way on your face. That is completely fine. Because if one is not doing its job correctly, any other will, and that is what you need to figure out. There are various types of eyebrows. So one has to choose the best amongst all.

There are six different shapes of eyebrows; high arch (‘v’ that is upside down), soft arch, thick, round, curved, and straight. Proper grooming is essential to make your brows look perfect and flatter the shape of your face, because why not?

Make Friends with Your Shaping Tools

Always remember, two pairs of tweezers are your friends, as they are all you need to fix your brows. For precision-tweezing, pointed tweezers work best. They know how to deal with baby hair. For thick, curlier, and coarser hairs, you will need angled eyebrows.

A pair of scissors is a must-have to tackle those out of control or very long hairs. Of course, you cannot pluck every hair, and some need a little cutting to get in shape.

Learn How to Shape

Take your brow pencil, crayon or other applicator and start withholding your tool straight up. Begin with the outer edge of your nose and keep going towards your eye’s inner corner.  Continue with using your nostrils’ outer corner as the base, move the top end to your eye’s outer corner. This is where the brow is supposed to end.

  • High arch – Round face.
  • Low or soft arch – Square face.
  • Soft angled – Oval face.
  • Straight – Long face.
  • Curved – Diamond face.
  • Rounded – Heart-shaped face.

Pick the Right Shade

Color matters. You should choose a shade that is darker from your hair if you are a blonde or redhead. This helps to add more weight to your brows. The same goes for women with black or brown hair. Brunettes should choose a dark shade, but it should be one shade lighter than their hair color. This helps to keep your brows from looking too harsh.

Know Your Fill-in Tools

If your brows are almost non-existent, it is better to use a brow pomade. A pomade enables you to add volume to your eyebrows and control their shape. It helps you to do whatever you want with your brows.

If you have eyebrows that are already in good shape, opt for a brow crayon. It is a suitable option for those who are running late and do not have time to tweeze their brows carefully. It helps you to polish the look by adding some pigment and also to tame those rough hairs. Universal tool it is.

It lets you fill in those bald spots, create realistic strokes, and it can also be used for tail tapering.

How to Fill-in?

You might have heard ‘less is more’ many times before. It also works when filling-in your brows — using your tool to touch lightly and filling in the areas that look empty as compared to your overall eyebrow help a lot. When using a pomade, your strokes should be light and soft. While using a pencil requires light presses and drawing lines to add more volume. If you are a brow crayon user, using a clean brush of mascara to give your filled-in brows a finished look, helps you to remove the extra product.

Use Highlighter to Define Them

After you have shaped and filled-in your eyebrows, you should give them a defined appearance. Tracing a highlighter pencil beneath your brow and blending it in your brow bone with the use of your fingers can help you define them and make them stand out. It allows you to sharpen your brow’s edge.

Your Brows Are Sister, Not Twins

The one mistake that we all do is thinking that our eyebrows are twins. Yes, you heard it right. Our brows are sisters and not twins. They are just supposed to look fine and not identical. They can never look the same. You have to pick the shape of your fav brow from the two, and use it as a guide to shape and fill your other brow.



Do not limit yourself to just one product when filling in your brows. Some chances matching and mixing different products can give you better results as compared to just using one product. Shaping, filling-in, and highlighting your brows will enhance your face shape and will lift all your facial features.