No matter, how warm it is outside, you seem dedicated to keep your strength training going on. However, workout is a “necessary evil” that you can’t skip off, but it brings on a lot of mess along—one of which is mess with your skin. But, quitting on it for keeping your skin upto the mark does more harm than good to you. Workout sweat, gym grime and unclean gym clothes certainly becomes one of the reasons for unhealthy skin.

Neglecting skin is a sin

Don’t worry, we don’t mean to swipe away all your fitness dreams, but a few important tips would surely make a difference in keeping your skin clear and healthy, during and after a workout.

Say no to makeup at Gym:
Sweat and Makeup doesn’t sound that good together. No waterproof or sweat proof makeup will ever save from the gym grime. Going to the gym with your makeup on will lead sweat to get trapped within the cover of makeup resulting in clogged pores. And, I guess you know what clogged pores does for you –ACNES. Don’t forget to remove makeup when you hit the gym or if you go in the morning, no need to apply any. Some mild makeup remover wipes and cleanser may help your skin to breathe while you workout.

Say yes to after make-up skincare:
After removing your makeup, you definitely don’t have time to go through an entire skin care regimen again, but do apply toner or a facial mist to hydrate your skin. If you are prone to redness during workouts, I suggest on using the one with anti-inflammatory properties, to keep your flush at minimum. Keep your skin protected against heat and light of the gym– excessive sweating on your face makes red and this results in aging.

Don’t  ignore sunscreens:
Exercising outdoors? Forget make-up, but do not neglect sun protection, it’s vital to wear sunscreen while outdoor training to protect yourself from damaging rays of the sun. Sun can damage collagen—the protein in your connective tissue that supports your skin. A high SPF sunscreen on your face, neck and hands is as essential as your gym shoes. These are delicate areas  and can show signs of premature aging due to sun damage.

Don’t forget to remain hydrated :
Drink, drink, drink! Water of course. Drink water to flush toxins out of your system. Remaining hydrated is the most essential thing for flushing out toxins while you work out. Drinking water before exercise and after exercise is essential to help replenish any losses due to perspiration. Hydration is the key to maintain skin health and younger looking skin. Water helps you keep fighting at gym and you can workout well with optimum amount of water in your body, lack of water, however leads to dehydration, which causes the skin to look dull, dry and wrinkled.

Buy Natural skincare products:
For keeping your skincare regimen updated and as healthy as you are, go for natural skincare products. At every age you need skincare products according to your age.

Don’t exercise too aggressively:
Engaging in cardio that is too aggressive can have detrimental effects on your skin health, as it puts stress on the body. Under stress—physical or mental, your body increases the cortisol(stress hormone) production that manage stress. Cortisol, however breaks down the collagen, leading to lose skin and increased appearance of fine lines.

Re-Balance Your Skin Post-Workout:
Do you wash your face immediately after workout soon do you do it? The sweat is acidic  in nature and surely affect your skin’s pH balance if you wait too long to shower after workout. Choose a gentle cleanser that helps to balance the pH level of your skin. Its necessary to calm down the post-workout redness and irritation.

Neglecting skincare while training could result quite drastically at the end, so don’t avoid your skincare while concentrating on body.