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Tips for Avoiding Sunburn This Summer


With the longer days and bright sunshine, summer is nearly everyone’s favorite time of year. In spite of the heat, or perhaps because of it, it seems like you can find more to do outdoors and get more enjoyment from it. But everyone should be aware of the potential damage of excessive UV rays and the importance of sunscreen. Sunburn is one of the worst consequences of overexposure, as it can be painful, ugly, and could ruin your outdoor fun for days afterward. Here are some ideas for protecting yourself.

Take Vitamin D

Most people understand that vitamin D is an essential nutrient that our bodies can’t manufacture without sunlight. But spending more time outdoors is not the answer for getting it. Vitamin D supplements can give you what you need but also help to build healthy skin and strengthen it against damage. In addition to capsules, you can try things like cod liver oil to get your vitamin D.

Eat Fats

You’ve probably been told that all fat is bad, but there are also healthy fats. You need to stay hydrated in the hot weather, but drinking water isn’t always practical, while many natural and commercial oils applied directly to the skin can actually magnify the harmful effects of sunlight. To keep your skin resilient, add plenty of healthy fats to your diet this summer.

Watch Your Minerals

There are a lot of minerals involved in food and health, and some of them are not normally critical. However, shortages and imbalances over time can affect your health, including your skin. A lack of zinc or magnesium, for example, can make your skin extra sensitive to sunlight. For the summer, start taking multi-vitamins that give you the full RDA of these and other basic minerals.

Use Coconut Oil

While it’s good advice to use sunscreen every time you go out into the sun, it’s certainly no guarantee. Using too much or chemical-laden sunscreen can also be bad for you. Once you come out of the sun, to keep your skin healthy and help prevent the development of sunburn wash off the sunscreen and rub a little coconut oil into your skin. It’s an excellent skin conditioner and rich in healing antioxidants.

Limit Sun Exposure

Chasing the perfect tan isn’t necessarily a good idea. Excess sunlight can lead to premature aging and serious problems like melanoma for anyone, regardless of skin tone, which can require surgery from a company like Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center. You only need about 20 minutes a day to get your vitamin D. Even if you’re used to the sun and use sunscreen with a high SPF, more than an hour in direct sunlight is asking for trouble.

Particularly when it’s still early in the season, be cautious about spending time in the sun, regardless of skin type. Even moderate sunburn is just not worth it.

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