Staying young has been one of humanity’s greatest desires. Legends like The Fountain of Youth were sought for a very long time and people were always looking for a way to preserve their youth. But time has proved that everything is possible, and we can be very thankful nowadays, that thanks to dermal filler injections, this once sought for legend, is now a simple reality and is a big part of many people’s lives.

It’s absolutely natural that with time, skin becomes looser and begins to sag. There’s nothing to panic about and there’s nothing to worry about either. It’s the way that life is. Some people are perfectly happy with this and continue living their lives like normal. Others, are not as fortunate with this sense of confidence. Which is where modern medicine and technology comes in.

Why they’re so popular.

With the dermal filler injection, it is possible to restore the once tight and young skin to its former state. The compound used in the procedure is injected into the designated area under the skin. It then plumps up the area, smoothening out the wrinkles as well as tightening the overall area. It acts as a sort of cushion, which lifts the skin, making it look quite noticeably younger.

Dermal filler injections are some of the most popular beauty treatments in the world. They’re renowned across many countries as some of the safest, most efficient forms of facial skin treatment. The results are surgically precise, as you notice your skin becoming tighter and looking much younger.

Where can it be applied?

Thanks to its amazing compound, the dermal filler injections are able to straighten skin irregularities, such as wrinkles. In fact, these injections work on a very large variety of areas of the face and even on some parts of the body.

Some of the most popular areas of application are around the cheeks, where the cheekbones tend to protrude when skin is loose. Also, crow’s feet, the wrinkles next to the eyes are generally quite conspicuous, which is why they are also quite a popular area to be treated. And while these are quite specific applications for the filler, there are far more diverse areas of use that these injections are capable of.

How the Procedure Goes

The procedure itself is nothing more than a simple injection. One thing to note; before the procedure itself, you as well as the clinic specialists must point out which areas need treating and in what ways. It’s important that you know what part of your face you need to treat and the specialists will take the procedure into their own hands. Once the compound is injected into the area you chose to treat, it will feel a little numb and swollen.

If you’re afraid of needles, then don’t be, as numbing cream is applied to the area of your skin, which completely eliminates any unwanted sensation. Depending on how much of your facial area you’ll be treating, the procedure will take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes.

The Results

But following the numbness and the swelling post-treatment, it is highly recommended that you avoid extreme temperatures, as it may have a negative effect on the filler injection. Additionally, avoid any ingestion of alcohol. During the next several hours of downtime, there will be a little dryness and itching on the area of skin. But don’t be alarmed, these side effects are quite minor and are very easy to deal with. And even so, they only last a maximum of a few days.

Once they’re gone, you’ll see the results of the dermal filler injection in front of your very eyes. It truly is impressive the amount of difference that it can make.

You’ll notice how your skin has become more collected and tighter. For example, if you treated the area around the cheekbone, you’ll notice how there is pretty much no extra skin hanging from the area and in fact, it has all collected itself and risen to the top, leaving a young, tight face.

It’s very important to take care of yourself in pretty much every way. We jog and go to the gym to keep our physical bodies healthy, we read books and study to exercise our brains, we eat healthy to make sure we receive all the proper nutrients and vitamins. But what about keeping our looks healthy.

Many people tend to overlook how important the skin is. It is the first line of protection against any kind of injury and virus. Then why is it overlooked so often? Why are people willing to eat healthy, but not look the part?

Well, each and every part of your body is important. Making sure that you take care of it equally, only means that you’re the healthier for it. Because being healthy is also looking healthy.