Snoring is not an illness


Sure, snoring is not a joke. It affects people who sleep close by the snorer – a partner who sleeps in the same room, or household members who sleep in the other room. It all depends on snoring intensity. Still, much attention is drawn to those people who can’t sleep because of the noise.

What actually happens with the snorer? While watching the long-term snorer sleep, it may sometimes look like this person is fighting for air. You must admit that is can look terrifying. They are actually fighting with themselves. Snoring occurs when the airways become blocked by the relaxed throat muscles.

Between 4 and 10% of the world’s population suffers from the obtrusive sleep apnea(OSA). This is a condition, a symptom, not an illness. As yawning can be a symptom of anxiety, snoring can be a symptom of OSA. Snoring is an indicator of some possible health issues, such as heart failure, high blood pressure, or mental condition, such as depression. What makes the OSA specific are breathing pauses the snorer makes during his sleep. But, not all the snorers suffer from the OSA.

Some snorers just make loud and unpleasant sounds. Their snoring increases with years, as they gain some weight, smoke, drink alcohol, use sedatives, and don’t exercise.

As you can see, the factors that may induce snoring can be eliminated easily. If a snorer gives up smoking, stop drinking and get off with a healthier lifestyle, snoring can disappear. You will agree that there is no illness that can be overpowered with a few simple steps.

Some people are ashamed because of the fact that they snore. They fear that the society would reject them, or that they won’t find a person to live with. People who had plague in the last century were isolated from the society. They were marked as dangerous for the health of the others.

Why would we now, in the 21st century, put labels on someone? Because of what? Because of snoring. Stop that. A snorer shouldn’t be shy or closed up. This person doesn’t wear bacteria, infection, or a virus within. We repeat, snoring is not an illness. It won’t affect you. This person didn’t choose to be a snorer. Don’t make fun out of this. Always be kind.

If snoring is not an illness, it is a habit then?

We wouldn’t say that snoring is a habit. It is not an illness or a disease, but it is not a habit either. If someone wakes up every day at nine o’clock and drink coffee with milk, then we can say that this is a habit. A person who does something by intention and repeat this activity every day it will make a habit. It takes about twenty days for something to become a habit. Sleeping with your girlfriend/boyfriend can become a habit also. That is why you should face the snoring issue if you have one.

And, how do you cope with snoring? Pick the best snore mouthpiece for yourself. Check online for mouthpiece models and types. If your beloved is coming over, this would be a perfect solution and lifesaver for a couple of days. It is even better if you shared the problem you have, but, just in case – buy the mouthpiece.

Snoring is so common. But we simply can’t compare it to an illness. If we would call it an illness, then some serious symptoms would be present. However, it is not naïve at all. Snoring is actually a sign that there is a problem somewhere, probably in your nose or throat.

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