An exercise program is essential,  not only for overall fitness but also for burning excess fat and for building muscle. However, if done incorrectly, workouts  may result in injuries such as torn muscle tissue, which  cause pain and discomfort.

To help you build muscle quicker, and to speed up post-training recovery, always ensure that you eat a healthy, balanced diet full of nutrient-rich  foods.. IIf you are looking to incorporate steroids into your diet, Primobolan may  be a good choice, as this potent aromatase inhibitor can significantly increase the speed at which you build muscle .

Here are some of the most common mistakes  made when lifting, and how to fix them:

Trying New Equipment Without Guidance

After a while you may find your daily lifting routine becomes tedious, and so you may  be tempted to work out using a new machine. However, failing to understand how to use the equipment correctly may result its unsafe use, or worse, in injury. . It is highly recommended that you consult  the gym instructor on how to use different machines prior to trying them out.

Missing your Belt and Gloves

Weight belts and gloves are necessary  safety precautions when weightlifting, and provide the grip you need during sessions. For weightlifters, having a  belt and a pair of gloves while working out reduces pain and discomfort and helps you feel more comfortable. Weight belts support  your abs and protect your spine from injury, while gloves prevent your palms from developing blisters when lifting weights.

Lifting Excess Weights

Challenging yourself to lift more weight can be a good idea. However, attempting to lift heavier weights than what your body is capable of  can result in joint discomfort and torn muscles, both of which are painful. Many fitness professionals would advise you to adopt the ‘greasing the groove’ method.  This is a movement pattern that enables the body to adapt to lifting heavier loads by doing more frequent reps of lighter loads.

Unsafely Dropping Weights

Other than being noisy, dropping dumbbells and weights is unsafe, as  you not only risk injuring yourself, but also run the risk of hurting others. In addition, you may fracture your bones or even kill yourself; there have been  extreme cases when loads have accidentally fallen on people . Gym instructors emphasize the gentle and careful return of the weights to the ground after lifting . Should you find it challenging to drop the weights safely, you can seek help from your training partner or instructor or opt for lighter weights if you are alone.

Focusing on The Upper Half Alone

Most weightlifters tend to focus mostly on their upper body and  forget the lower half, resulting in a loss of body shape. To ensure  excellent whole-body fitness , make sure your training is evenly balanced to  strengthen all the major muscle groups.

For beginners, it  is advised to begin with lighter weights, since lifting heavy  weights can cause muscle injuries. Moreover, during weightlifting sessions, it is vital to consult  a gym instructor or fitness professional to avoid injuries, and to ensure that you get the full benefits from your workout.