The key to higher testosterone level


Being healthy in the hormone side of the fray is vital and having the right testosterone levels imply that. Not only are they important for sexual health but also have significant psychological health related with them. But often men don’t realize it, their busy routines and stressful lives take a drastic toll on their testosterone counts making them physically weak and wither sooner than desired.
There are of course a few healthy foods that can help men counter low levels of testosterone and perform better at both lifting weights and women.

The key to higher testosterone level

Lots of love with strawberries
These glistening gems of Venus are quite the fruity delight for men and their testosterone. Strawberries are not only a potent aphrodisiac, but are also a rich source of stress busting Vitamin C. This high quality carb is a strong antioxidant known to reduce Cortisol levels in the blood. Cortisol is a adrenal hormone that is re-released as a side-effect of both physical and mental stress. The worst part is that Cortisol competes with the big T in the blood effectively reducing testosterone counts when stress levels are high due to depression or just after intensive physical exercise.

The big coconut
Typically speaking, saturated fats aren’t good for a healthy heart, but some of them do help increase testosterone production especially after extensive muscular exertion. This gigantic nut only packs a moderate amount of unhealthy saturated fat, but also packs healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which get the meter ticking on your T count boosting them to a productive and reproductive high. Adding this to your diet will not only take your taste buds on an exotic tropical vacation, but will also help you get more power into your muscles and nuts for better naughty experiences with higher testosterone levels.

Catching some lady shrimp
Shrimp are a rich source of Vitamin D which has a strong link with testosterone production and increased levels of the hormone. Alongside boosting the potency of your testosterone, Vitamin D is also important for enhancing muscular and bone strength thus adding even more to the irresistibly of the alpha male factor. Alternatively, if you’re not too keen on the savory flavors of the sea, a 10 minute sunbath and a mild tan would be just about effective – the ladies love the slightly burnt skin tone.

Jacking it up with jack-o’-lanterns
Castoff like the plague-infected, these peculiarly flat and green seeds are actually a rich source of nutrient zinc that benefits the body in a number of ways including testosterone production. Zinc is an essential component of the enzymatic processes within the prostate and for their optimal functionality. Inadequate supplies of zinc in the average male diet lead to reduced testosterone levels and a decrease in performance. Not to mention, zinc deficiencies can also cause prostate cancer thus putting a severe dent on a man’s pride. If you’re wondering how to increase up your zinc levels with some jack-o‘-lantern seeds: try having them with oatmeal, yogurt, or salads, or blitz them into your protein shake.

Wheat, weights and testosterone
And who would have ever imagined that this seemingly boring grain could be responsible for stimulating some hormonal excitement in men as well? Wheat bran is a rich source of dietary magnesium which according to research sends testosterone levels skyrocketing. The mineral increases the levels of both free and total testosterone especially in men undergoing significant physical exercise simultaneously. It’s no surprise that a number of bodybuilders end up chugging magnesium supplements to augment the effects of the hormone. By why rely on supplements when you can do it naturally with wheat bran? This grain is granted to boost your testosterone and your alpha male factor to a godly level and make you everyone’s envy at the gym and everyone’s choice in bed.


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