Tips for buying CBD online

We look at the best tips for buying CBD online


Buying CBD online is, in effect, very easy. There are hundreds of virtually identical products available, price tends to be cohesive, and there are plenty of places to by it from. However, if you look below the surface, there’s more to buying CBD than it may seem. How can you make sure the product you purchase is genuine? What sort of price should you expect to pay? And what about buying from abroad? Read on for the most important tips for buying CBD online.

  • Do your research

We talked to Areyo from on how to best do research:  “You make a decision about which CBD product takes your fancy, make sure you’re certain on what your goals are for using the compound, and whether this will impact your purchase decision. For example, if you require CBD for the purpose of targeting pain, CBD creams may be the best option to give direct results to the affected area.”

  • Consider competition

The CBD market is saturated these days, and it doesn’t look like its growth will slow down anytime soon. No matter what your CBD product of choice, be sure to shop around before making a purchase to check out similar products from competitors. Here you can compare prices, reviews and value for money. That extra five or ten minutes of browsing can often save you money or enable you to stumble across a better product.

  • Pay smart

The price of CBD depends largely on the type, size and dosage of the product you are after. The standard CBD products, such as oils, sprays and tablets, tend to be at a lower cost than the more novelty CBD items, like gummies and edibles. For this reason, the CBD price range varies dramatically, starting at about £10 and going up to the hundreds.

Generally, you should expect to pay a higher price for a more bespoke product from a renown brand. Be wary of paying an unexpectedly low price for your CBD- this could be the sign of a counterfeit product.

  • Read reviews

We all know that reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt, but they can be helpful in determining whether a product is worth its money on the whole. Poor reviews can also alert you that a product is not genuine or ineffective, as, unfortunately, many of these are lurking around on today’s market. Positive reviews generally indicate that a product works well and is appreciated by its customers.

  • Be aware to pay more for products from abroad

Generally, you shouldn’t need to purchase CBD products from abroad, as the British and international markets are similar on the whole. However, if you are after a specialist form of CBD- CBD for dogs, for example- the compound may be more available in other countries, such as America. If this is the case, you need to be extra careful in making sure the product is genuine and worth the money. You should also be aware that you will likely have to pay a hefty postage fee, as is the disadvantage of purchasing from abroad.