It’s easy to shrug off the benefits of natural health remedies because it is certainly true that not all of them are as promising as they seem. One major exception, though, is CBD. Derived from the cannabis plant, and scientifically proven in multiple studies to promote better health and wellbeing, CBD is now taken as seriously by doctors and scientists alike as medically prescribed treatments.

CBD can affect the brain and body in a number of different ways. Although it is extracted from the cannabis plant, it is entirely separate from THC, which is another compound found in the plant that produces a ‘high’ in its users. This means that CBD can be taken safely and effectively with no such side effects.

The top benefits of using CBD are listed below:

  • CBD for fighting cancer

Promisingly, CBD has been proven in multiple studies to not only aid cancer patients in pain and nausea relief during treatment, but also to inhibit the growth of cancer cells when used in conjunction with chemotherapy. One 2018 study, conducted on mice with pancreatic cancer, garnered results showing that the CBD-chemotherapy combination had tripled the survival rate of the mice.  

CBD isn’t only beneficial to cancer patients- it can also be used to prevent cancer from forming. Studies have found that CBD can reduce the likelihood of bladder cancer, and while more research is needed to determine exactly how this happens, it’s a promising sign.

  • CBD for sleep

With so many of us struggling to get a good night’s rest on the regular, it’s reassuring to learn that CBD has many recognised benefits for aiding in sleep. Studies demonstrate that CBD has been found to increase alpha brain waves and suppress delta waves, which naturally signals for the brain to switch off and increases total sleep time. More specifically, CBD has shown therapeutic potential for those with insomnia, and its anti-microbial properties are said to improve symptoms of sleep apnoea.

  • CBD for cognitive disorders

While there is no solid research as of yet that CBD can reverse diseases that cause dementia, studies have found that the compound can significantly improve behavioral symptoms of patients with the disease, and may also help remove dementia proteins from brain cells.

Similarly, scientific evidence suggests that CBD may be effective in reducing epileptic seizures, and interestingly, a cannabis-based medicine called Epidiolex, containing CBD, is currently going through the licensing process to be prescribed by healthcare professionals. CBD is only considered as a treatment option for a small number of adults at the moment, but it appears that this may be set to change.

  • CBD for depression and anxiety

Almost all of us will experience some form of depression or anxiety at some point in our lives, and many people choose to treat illnesses naturally with CBD products. CBD binds to the receptors in our body that are related to fear and stress, as well as being responsible for our overall mood levels. From its position in the body, it can provide stress and anxiety relief, appetite stimulation, mood boosting and even pain relief.