For some time now people have regarded smoking as a cool and glamorous activity. Much has been disregarded concerning the dangers that cigarette smokers expose themselves to. Have you tried quitting smoking but to no avail?

Well, here is a new way to quit smoking; electronic cigarettes. These are way better than nicotine gums and patches. So, how do e-cigarettes help smokers quit smoking?

How to quit smoking using e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco smoke but rather nicotine smoke. It is this smoke that reduces withdrawal and cravings in cigarette smokers. It may seem complicated, but in the realsense, it’s a very simple process.

At first, it is recommended that you go for the e-cigarette with the strongest nicotine strength. In the early stages, you still need a significant amount of nicotine in your body hence the need for a stronger e-cigarette.

After some time using the stronger versions, you’ll now need to reduce the strength of the nicotine level. Now, you’ll be required to change the brands. It could appear difficult, but it will surely pay off.

Are you wondering where to get the e-cigarettes? Well, ePuffer has everything that you need. You’ll realize that after some days, your body will adjust to the nicotine levels provided by the new cigarette.

Getting your body to fully adjust to such low nicotine levels requires a lot of patience. But after a couple of weeks, you’ll find yourself comfortable with the low-strength e-cigarettes. Don’t try to rush things as the process requires some patience.At no point should you look back and reorder e-cigarettes with high nicotine content.

What of the e-liquid?

There are also e-liquids that have different nicotine strengths that you can use in your journey to quit smoking. The liquids should also be used, starting with the stronger ones, before finally getting to the less nicotine concentrated ones. This should take you another 2 months.

When your body starts getting accustomed to the low-nicotine e-cigarettes and liquid, then you will know that you are on the right path to quittingsmoking.  The zero-nicotine cartridges will significantly reduce your cravings for cigarettes though it may appear weird using them initially.

Just continue with the journey, and after a week or so, you’ll realize that you can go for a day without using e-cigarettes. You will be nicotine and smoke-free in a very short time. You’ll be surprised by the progress you’ve made.


After several years of trying to stop smoking with no tangible results, I decided to go the e-cigarette way, and that’s how I ended up quitting smoking. This is something that has worked for a good number of people, and you can try it as well.

What you’ll like about this method is how cost-effective and convenient it is. There has never been a better and quicker way to stop smoking than this. Try it out and help yourself.