There are many reasons for seeking out an implant dentist. You may have lost teeth through past neglect or possibly damage, and you are interested in a solution that offers more permanence than dentures or bridges.

The advances in  the manufacture of implants also means that the ability to match the rest of your smile and achieve a more natural effect is continually improving.

  1. Cost

When you are looking at the cost of implants as a solution, the thing that you really need to look at is upfront cost versus long term cost. The durability of implants and the ease of maintenance factors into this, and the way they are installed.

Bridges last 5 to 10 years. Veneers last 7 to 15 years. Implants last around 8 to 10 years.

It is going to cost you around $3500 to $4500 to replace a single tooth. Everyone is going to require different treatment, as no two people have the same dental issues.

  1. Reputation

Your dentist may be a great general practitioner, but how experienced are they with implant dentistry?

You can check with the state board to see if they have had any issues with patients having problems after implant dentistry. Each state makes a public record, usually on their website, of any problems that a practice has had.

Any reviews they have on their website regarding the procedure you are interested in is also worth checking out.

What got you interested in the first place? If it was a friend recommending it to you, going to the dentist they are happy with may be the right action.

  1. Material

There are a greater variety of dental implants now than there have been in the past, as the procedure becomes more popular and the technology advances.

The main thing is, whatever option you go for, it should be biocompatible. They also need to be resistant to corrosion and fracture resistant as well.

Titanium has been the most common type of implant, since the 50s, and given the properties it possesses, this makes a lot of sense. It will bond with the bone in the jaw, and does so in a way that works with the bone naturally, providing a very long lasting solution.

Zirconia is the other most popular solution, and first started to be used in the 90s. It has an advantage over titanium in that it has been developed as single unit to replace the truth, whereas titanium is made of a peg that goes into the jaw, and the actual tooth replacement. This two part system does sometimes allow bacteria in.

  1. Are They The Right Solution?

Implant dentistry has become a very popular solution in cosmetic dentistry, but as with any medical procedure you need to understand whether it is the right choice for you.

They do look very natural, and they are long lasting. They feel natural as well, and they can function like a natural tooth. They also maintain the shape of your mouth more effectively than some bridges and dentures are able to do. When in NYC visit 286MadisonDental for dental implants – learn more.

Some of it is also going to depend on whether or not your jaw can actually support the implant. It is worth speaking to your dentist and assessing all of your needs to make sure that you fully understand what is involved in the process and the maintenance of the implant, and why they are a good choice for you.


Implants are a great natural looking solution that are very durable. Understanding all the options that are available to you is key, and having a conversation with your dentist about your expectations and what is involved in the procedure, along with what needs to be done, is vital to making the decision.